You’ve spent your 20s struggling with your career, getting by with your limited funds and having your style dictated by what’s on sale. Now that you’ve made it to your 30s you’ve probably gotten a grip on what you want to do with your career and what your fashion style is. Whether you channel Grace Kelly or Kelly Osbourne when you reach into your closet, here are 10 things you should know how to wear now that you’ve made it to your 30s.

1. Red lipstick

lipstick photo

Red lips might not be your signature make-up move, but by now you should be able to pull off a bold scarlet lip and know which shade of red suits you best. In addition, you should be able to put it on straight and not get any on your teeth while you’re wearing it. That takes experience and a little bit of class – two things you should have plenty of by now. Whether it’s a tangerine red or a deep wine, knowing how to wear a bright lipstick color without it wearing you shows that you have confidence and style.

2. Pearl earrings

pearl earrings photo
Photo by Marina Aguiar Araujo

Pearl solitaire earrings or pearl drops, in fresh water white or Tahitian black, wearing pearls will give an instance grown-up look to anything you wear. Even if your style isn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you should be able to pull off wearing pearls with jeans and a t-shirt or a black leather jacket. The key is being self-assured and knowing that the pearls aren’t your whole look – just a small accessory. Figuring out how to wear pearls with whatever your style may be is what separates you from your twenties.

3. A little black dress

Little Black Dress

With long sleeves and a short hemline or sleeveless with a pencil skirt, we hope you’ve found your go-to LBD by now. Hopefully, you have more than one to choose from. If you’re edgy, go for one in leather or if you’re more classic, straight lines in wool-blends might be more your things. Know what accessories you can wear with yours and always have shoes that you can wear with your LBD. You might only need to reach for it once, but when you do, you’ll be glad that you took the time to put everything together – just like you.

4. High heels

High Heels

High heels might not be your thing but by now, you should have one great pair and you should be able to walk in them. You will inevitably find yourself having to wear them for an interview or a wedding, a formal dinner or a conference, so you might as well walk like you’ve been walking in them for the last 10 years, even if you only put them once a year.

5. A tailored jacket

blazer photo
Photo by …love Maegan

The sale rack is great but by now you should have found (or had made) a jacket that fits you like a glove. Whether it’s a tailored blazer that you wear to the office, a Chanel jacket for Sunday brunches or a leather moto for weekends, having a jacket that fits you shows that you are comfortable in who you are – and that this you fits quite well. See a tailor for a perfect fit or go get a jacket you already have altered to fit you perfectly.

6. Workout clothes

running shoes photo
Photo by Dawn – Pink Chick

For many of you, this one seems like a no brainer but if you’re still uncomfortable in yoga pants and your sports bra still isn’t giving you enough support, it’s time to get these things right. Knowing how to wear workout clothes is a combination of feeling comfortable with your own body, having found an exercise that you love, and spending money to find clothes that work for you. If you’re into Crossfit, you might need more performance apparel, and if you’re into swimming, a swimsuit and swim cap that never let you down might be what you need. For many women, finding a sports bra that offers support is the holy grail – it might cost a little more than you’re used to spending, but many companies make sports bras for full women. It’s 2015, you’re 30 and you’ve got no excuses – know how to wear workout clothes while looking good and feeling good.

7. Perfume

perfume photoperfume photo

Along with having found your signature scent, you should know how to wear perfume for all the different moments you might find yourself in. You should be able to wear your favorite scent all day without being overpowering and through a whole night out as well. Apply it to your pulse points sparingly for a subtle scent during the daytime and spray along your neck for an alluring perfume in the evening. Someone in the same room as you shouldn’t be able to smell it but someone leaning in for a hug should.

8. White

white dress photo

Still avoiding anything in white because you can’t manage to keep it clean? This is the decade to figure out what keeps spilling on your whites and how to keep them from getting gray or turning pink in the wash. Whether you’re brave enough to rock white skinny jeans, a cream pencil skirt, a snowy coat or white stiletto heels, find out what your white is and wear it with confidence. You can start with a white button down shirt and being more cautious around marinara sauce and red wine. Once you can wear that for 10 hours without getting it dirty, be bold – a cream-colored cashmere sweater and white mini skirt might just make their way into your wardrobe.

9. Sunscreen

sun lotion photo
Photo by Sunfox

Still getting burned in the sun? By the time you’ve reached your thirties, you’re old enough to know how much sun will burn you, how much sunscreen you should wear and when to start using it. For some of you, it might mean adding sunscreen to your facial moisturizer as early as March, and for others it might just mean being careful to not fall asleep at the beach. Either way, it’s time you take care of your skin and knowing which sunscreen works for you and putting it on well before you turn red is a true sign you’re all grown up now.

10. A formal dress

elegant dress photo

If the last time you wore a formal gown was at your prom and the thought of getting dressed up for an evening makes you uneasy, it’s time to get over your fears. Formal attire can be poofy and sparkly, pink and princess-like, or sleek and simple in all black. Whatever your personal style may be, take some time to go shopping and find a formal dress that suits your personality and body frame before you find yourself doing last minute shopping and wearing something that you still feel uncomfortable in.

Your thirties are all about feeling confident that you are a full-grown woman who has her life figured out, or at least the appearance of one. Wear things that empower you and make you feel proud, experiment with style and invest the time, effort and needed cash to find a style that fits you perfectly.


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