So you got the day off and no one to spend it with but let’s remember why we celebrate it. A great man by the initials M.L.K.J. once had a dream. This dream defied gravity, society and everything in between. As you read this post, I dare you to dream too. So your heart is shattered….for now. Well quit moping and start dreaming again.You can do it! We Believe in YOU.
Below are TEN amazing ways to get that dazzling smile back on you’re face today and every day after.

#10. Make a List

Of all the spectacular and difficult things you’ve had to learn from this setback/loss

#9. Practice Your Craft/ Make Something

If you sing, dance, rap, draw, act etc then you need to quit MOPING and get back on stage! Let’s go. Get a Move on!

#8. Get Together With Friends and Family

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the “good old days” but with the help of some positive influence and silliness, that smile will be creeping back onto your face soon enough.

#7. Buy Yourself Flowers

Try writing a silly note to yourself in the flowers. Act shocked then flattered. Photograph this moment of sheer insanity and laugh.

#5. Learn a NEW thing and make it your hobby

Can’t dance? Me neither! But  try picking up a new hobby and then… HAVE FUN WITH IT

#4. Set Goals For Yourself that are Realistic and Outlandish

Give yourself something to work towards. You are more than capable of surpassing all your wildest dreams but setting goals is a step in the right direction. Make sure you check up on your progress

#3. Avoid Sad Movies, Songs, People etc.

Seriously, negative energy is contagious. You don’t want to catch the bug. Run towards happiness! Become elusive to depression.

#2. Quit Pitying Yourself

So yeah, it didn’t work the first time around but you are NOT helping the situation by sitting and pouting. Get a move on with your life. You’ll thank me later.

#1. Forgive and Breathe

If another person hurt you, forgive him or her. If you disappointed yourself, forgive yourself. Now let out a breath of release. You are human, they are human. We are all wired to screw up at some point. Don’t drag it on. Free yourself today.

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