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This year, 2013,is one that is promising, as far as the fashion glitz and glamor is concerned.I do not intend to sound ostentatious, but truth be told,many a fashionista  and the indifferent ones alike are looking forward to a ‘trendy’future in as far as pomposity in the fashion circles in 2013 is concerned.Fashion trends usually are unique to a particular season, and needless to say,2013 is not an exception. I would like to shed some light on mens’ fashion for 2013  and what to expect this year, though predicting the course a particular fashion trend might take may be treated with a dose of castigation and dismissal as mere

The Year that Was: 2012 fashion dynamics.

Men’s fashion trend is quite versatile and dynamic as far as absorption of fashion items into the mainstream menswear is concerned. The year 2012 saw the introduction of multiple menswear clothing items and accessories.The year witnessed the proliferation of sunglasses and stunners globally, with celebrities and other showbiz personalities gracing the fashion industry by donning them in their music videos, concerts and other get-together parties.In deed stunners became ‘the thing’ of the yesteryear, with almost everyone wearing one, so as to evade the ‘oddity’ of isolation.In contrast to 2012, 2013 is expected to usher in a wider range of fashion items because men’s fashion items tend to be progressive and innovative, rather than conservative as the ladies'(Do not castigate me for this view).

Rightfully put,one could opine that indeed 2012 was a ‘stunning’ year.The year 2012 can not be solely credited with the stunners alone, as other complementary accessories came into play. The introduction of
the infamous shamballa jewelry into men’s repertoire of fashion accessories almost edged out the conventional gold chains and bracelets which are invariably considered the top-notch within the finest selection of jewelry.

A promising 2013.

It is no wonder that 2013 might see the introduction of a very unique fashion item, as absurd as it might look like at the onset.London-based fashion designers have projected a promising outlook in the fashion scene in as far as menswear is concerned.With the dynamism of men’s fashion items, 2013 is poised for a phenomenal transformation in the fashion scene at two dimensions; I can project a radical and unprecedented transformation in menswear, with much of casual pieces flooding the market.With many businesses opening up and people adopting the entrepreneurial spirit, one should expect a fair level of casualness in attire,especially because of the occupational independence that comes with entrepreneurship.Much of menswear shall border on casual fashion items, with the conventional tie and suit being phased out gradually.

We should also witness a drop in the prices of a variety of menswear items, with the increase in the number of fashion designers in the fashion industry.As the law of demand and supply dictate when determining commodity prices, the greater the supply, the lower the price;the fashion industry would
not play an exception to this canon.With many firms cropping up, it is expected that menswear shall register a relief in the pricing, since as pointed out, there is expected to be a variety of items relating to men,within the fashion market.

Finally, the fashion houses also anticipate to register exponential sales, since 2012 set the precedence as the hallmark of matters glamor.With the entertainment industry being significantly intertwined with the
fashion industry,we anticipate a relatively animated discourse between fashionistas and professional in this industry, through fashion symposia, shows and the like in showcasing the trends this year and charting the way forward for the volatile fashion industry.


Jackie Yap is a writer of fashion styles and latest wave of cute and cool clothing. Water fanatic. Subtly charming reader. Prone to fits of apathy and Lifelong thinker. Bow :)

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