No matter what the occasion is, sometimes you just want to shower your BFFs with gifts to show how much they mean to you. Whether the gift is sentimental, meaningful or funny, it shows your appreciation for them. If there’s an occasion ahead and you are looking for gift inspiration, we have got you covered.

Check out the list below and prepare to surprise your bestie:


1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are unique and contain significant values. It can be a t-shirt, a pillow or even a coffee mug with your best friend’s name or favorite quote.

2. Books

Avid readers tend to collect books, so any book you get for your bookworm best friends, be prepared to hear the excited screams after they unwrap the gift.

3. Back-to-School Goodies

Gift your friend some customized notebooks, pens or pencils to show off in class.

4. BFF Themed Items

What’s a better gift for your BFF than BFF themed items? Get matching sets of clothes or accessories and rule the streets while you walk like queens.

5. Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are affordable and often customizable. With so many websites offering great deals, you can easily get your best friend a beautiful pendant she can wear every day.

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

6. Memory book

If you have some spare time on your hand, you can express your creative side by preparing a journal of you and your bestie’s glorious adventures.

7. Bracelet or Watch

A gorgeous bracelet or an elegant watch is a perfect gift for a style-conscious friend. You can score additional BFF points by getting a matching bracelet set or a funky watch to wear on the fun night outs.

8. Flower Bouquet

To surprise your friend on her birthday or to apologize for something you did yesterday, send her a beautiful flower bouquet to melt her right away. You can buy flowers wholesale if you are looking for a better deal.

9. Greeting Card

Cards are sentimental and meaningful. No matter which gift you buy, you can add a greeting card to complete the whole look.

10. Chocolate Hamper

For your sweet-toothed best friend, chocolate hampers may be the best gift ever. Moreover, you get to devour the chocolates as both of you Netflix and chill.

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

11. Jewelries & Accessories

Depending on your budget, you can go for keychain, earring or sunglasses to save the day.

12. Makeup Kit

For your makeup-lover bestie, you can get an eyeliner, a lip-gloss or an eyeshadow palette. Best part, you get to share these when you forget to bring yours.

13. Purse or Wallet

Purse or wallets are sophisticated gifts, suitable for your fashionista BFF. With her favorite outfit on mind, get her a beautiful purse or a perfect wallet.

14. Flower Crown

Flower crowns complement you and your bestie’s carefree spirit. To create the perfect summer or fall look, buy floral crowns or create those from flowers wholesale in a cheaper price.

15. Clothing Items

If you have noticed your bestie eyeing a specific piece of clothing, this may be the right time to surprise her by buying that.

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

16. Concert Ticket

Get concerts tickets of your best friend’s favorite bands and prepare to tolerate his/her excited screams the whole time.

17. Polaroid Camera

Buy a polaroid camera for your artistic friends and make sure your wonderful memories are always captured.

18. Merchandise Gifts

If your friends live in Harry Potter or GoT world, surprise them with posters or figurines from their favorite franchise.

19. Room Décor

Buy or create awesome room décors like pillow covers, wall stickers, fairy lights etc. for your bestie to create the perfect Instagram background.

20. Food Items

Whether your best mate is a foodie or not, a bucket full of fries or box full of pizza is sure to lit up his/her face.

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

21. DIY Gifts

DIY gift items are false-proof ways to express your feelings for your friends. Create anything you feel like, and they will love it.

22. Painting Supplies

For artist friends, a sketchbook or some paints will be most suitable. You can also choose other painting supplies depending on their needs.

23. DVDs

DVDs can be amazing gifts for your music-lover or gamer best mate. You can also go for movie DVDs which work for everyone.

24. Necessary Gadgets

Buy selfie stick, earphones, gaming mouse, headphones etc. for your tech-lover friends and get satisfied smiles on their faces.

25. Surprise Party

If you want to go an extra mile of your effort, throw a surprise party for your bestie. Use balloons, ribbons and flowers of her choice to create a magnificent décor. If you are worried about the supplies, will come to your rescue where you can buy flowers wholesale.

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