Buying intimate gifts for women at Christmas is somewhat of a taboo for many men and they will inevitable err on the side of caution or bottle it all together when it comes down to it. It needn’t be the traumatising experience that some men envisage it to be by merely taking a look on some high-end intimate apparel sites that offer tasteful and beautiful gifts for women.

When buying gifts of this nature for women at Christmas, you are positively spoilt for choice and you’ll be surprised at just how receptive wives and girlfriends will be to this sort of present. It shows that you’re attentive and want to keep things in the relationship hot and women love that you pay this sort of attention to that side of the relationship. But which intimate gifts should you be on the lookout for for the woman in your life? Let’s take a look at 3 great ideas for Christmas:

Chocolate Body Paint:

This is the sort of playful, yet intimate, gift that is perfect to give a lover at Christmas. It shows that you want to try new ideas and keep things in the bedroom interesting. This Chocolate Body Paint will be a great stocking-filler for a wife or girlfriend and a great, fun way of engaging with your partner well into the New Year. It is important to find new ways of being intimate with your partner and great gifts like this are a really good place to start and serve as an excellent ice-breaker for new relationships.

Naughty Weekender Kit:

This fun and raunchy gift is perfect to give to a girlfriend in conjunction with a weekend away that you have planned, perhaps a New Year’s Eve getaway. A gift like this is perfect for reigniting flames and having fun with one another and includes a variety of spicy goods that will keep things heated on a steamy weekend away with your partner. Just some of the exciting items within the Naughty Weekender Kit include a gourmet flavoured bottle of massage oil, sizzling body candy, tea-light candles and a pot of pleasure balm.

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