The Christmas season is upon us, and you may already be planning your outfits for upcoming parties and occasions. Sparkly, glittery party dresses are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit and brightening up the dark evenings. There are loads of bargain dresses to choose from on the high-street, but their bargain price-tag comes at a far greater price to society and the environment. With a little extra research you can find sustainable fashion, which will not only give you the feel-good factor but will also give you a high-quality piece that will last for many years to

  1. Think local

Do you know any local shops or boutiques selling handmade dresses? By researching your local area, you may be surprised to find shops selling local, handmade clothes. Be sure to ask the shop owner whether they are using fair-trade, ethically sourced materials.

  1. Search online

There are loads of great places to find socially conscious party dresses online. A simple Google search will give you endless choices. Ethical fashion directories are a brilliant way for you to search through all the socially conscious dresses in one place. Style-Is is an example of a directory that lists sustainable fashion brands.

  1. Directly from sustainable fashion brands

Go directly to the website of sustainable fashion brands and buy online. Treehugger, PeopleTree and Fair and True are just a few examples of ethical fashion brands. Here’s a few more brands to look out for –


Sustainable fashion doesn’t just end with the dress – remember to buy your shoes and accessories from socially conscious brands as well.

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