In today’s world of fashion, it’s hard to make a splash when everyone is wearing the same thing.

Sure, we all follow trends, but secretly we want all want to stand out. After all, don’t you love it when someone notices something you wear and asks you  “where did you buy those [insert stunning thing you are wearing]”.

So, with that in mind, today I am going to show you a way to make your mark on the world with something unique – a watch with style.

Same Old, Same Old

Most people buy one watch and focus on a style they have known and loved for years.

But, luckily for us, times have changed. Watches are now seen as fashion accessories and are also relatively cheap.

These days you have the choice of buying multiple affordable watches of varying styles, shapes, colors, bands and more. Goodbye boring watches!

Let me show you the kind of options you now have.

Types Of Watch Faces

 3 Ways To Show Your Style With A Unique Watch

Watches have hands, hour and minute markers and a strap, so how can you possibly stand out from the crowd?

I am going to let you in on a little secret of the watch world: Watch face types!

We all know the plain-faced watch that most people wear, but you are going to impress people with your choice of watch face.

So, what are your options:

1. Dive Watches – Those are the watches with the rotating ring (bezel) on the outside what were invented for diving but are now a popular fashion in watches.

2. Skeleton Watches – Ever seen the inner workings of a watch? That’s a Skeleton watch. They proudly display the complex gears that drive the time on your watch.

3. Chronograph Watches  – Watches that have timers on them which are included via a set of small dials on the face.

4. GMT Watches – If you travel, you can tell the time in 2 time zones with these watches.

5. Minimalist Watches – Taking the complete opposite approach, a bunch of brands are now removing nearly everything from the face of the watch – simple hour & minute markers, that is all.

6. Digital Watches – For those that like to take a step back in time to the 80s, the digital watch is making a come back. Yes, in the end, all fashion comes back eventually!

Choice of Watch Brand

 3 Ways To Show Your Style With A Unique Watch

Like with clothes, your choice of watch brand actually says a lot about your style.

Many celebrities will only be seen in certain Swiss watch brands like Rolex, and who can blame them. However, we have to aim a little lower on the price scale.

Never fear though, there are so many quality brand choices around today ranging from as low as thirty dollars, up to a thousand (or more). How much you spend is up to you.

Let me give you a few options:

  • Fashion Brands: Fossil, Daniel Wellington, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Nine West
  • Independent Brands: Komono, Mvmt, Georg Jensen, Skagen, Boom
  • Affordable Quality Brands: Seiko, Hamilton, Timex, Tissot, Invicta

Many of the above brands have their own “look”, especially the independent brands. So, just by choosing them, you can often find a unique and stylish watch without having to spend hours searching.

Strap Choice

 3 Ways To Show Your Style With A Unique Watch

Of course, you have to make a strap choice when you buy your watch, you knew that already.

The most obvious choice is between leather and metal straps, and there is a lot to consider there. However, once you realise you can replace your watch strap, even every time you go out, your watch becomes a very handy accessory indeed.

Imagine getting ready to head out on the town and being able to also match your watch to your outfit!

Enter exchangeable watch straps.

You simply leave the pins in your watch and then thread the strap through them. It takes seconds instead of painful minutes (or hours).

There are a few different kinds out there, but the main ones that give you the most options are Nato or Perlon straps. They come in a huge range of colors, patterns and styles (including leather) and cost almost nothing.

Mix And Match

Once you have one watch it doesn’t have to end there. You can buy a couple of lower price watches, each for different situations (work, play, out on the town). Or, you can simply change up the strap to suit your outfit as I mentioned.

Either way, now that you are armed with the knowledge of what watch options you have, you will always be able to stand out from the crowd.


Author Bio: Neil is a watch fanatic who has been collecting since back in the 90s. Aside from being obsessed with watches, he loves spending as much time as possible traveling and soaking up the fresh air on his mountain bike. You can follow his watchmaking obsessions on his blog.

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