Looking good is crucial in many situations, from putting your best foot forward for clients and bosses at work to turning heads at the club late at night. While expensive clothing and accessories can help make your look pop, the truth is that many people could improve the impression they make with a few simple, low-cost tricks.

Simple Makeup and Hair

Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning or returning home to freshen up before an evening appointment, your hair and makeup are a vital part of putting together the day’s look. Elaborate makeup regimens or drastic and time-consuming hair not only present delays in getting ready, but they also tend to come across as too deliberate to truly impress. Instead, you should work with a hair and makeup professional to find a set of simple ways to highlight your best attributes, complementing your clothing and face. The right makeup and haircut will look effortless so you’ll look good, no matter what situation you end up in.


Effortless Ways to Look Good In Any Situation

There really is no substitute for exercise. Attractive people, who spend some time looking after their physical form will inevitably make a better impression than someone who just lets themselves go. Of course, while many think of exercise as a looming chore that must involve hours of work, the fact is that a relatively small workout window can show results, as long as the workout is performed consistently and intelligently. Try taking some of your break time at work to do a few sit-ups or push-ups, turning your after-meal from a repose into a positive use of time.


Beyond the outfit and the hair and makeup, proper accessories act as the glue to hold your look together. A well-chosen necklace or watch can do wonders for your look. When you’re picking out your accessories, it is important to consider how they fit into your overall aesthetic; high-priced diamond jewelry will look out of place on an off-the-rack outfit from a chain department store. Moreover, there is such a thing as too much. Try to restrict yourself to a few pieces of jewelry and other accessories, and look for impact over quantity.

Act With Confidence

Appearance is often very subjective. While others will certainly evaluate your clothing and grooming habits, a big portion of how impressed they will be with your look depends on how confidently you can pull it off. A shrinking violet in the most expensive haute couture available will look less impressive than a self-assured person in more mundane garb. If you find yourself not being treated as well as your style would seem to demand, try reading some advice on projecting confidence. A bit of swagger in your step and a cocky smile can make your old outfits come alive.

Style is always personal, and finding your own timeless look may take some time and exploration. Don’t be afraid to put the work in, though. Once you’ve found your best look, you’ll wonder how you ever did anything else.

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