4 Healthy Ways to Lose Your Belly Fat

So you like to get rid of the flab once and for all because it gets in the way of you having the perfect body that you so desire. You’ve had some crunches designed to lose that belly fat but as soon as you get results, you get exhausted and unmotivated and you stop. Now you’re back to square one. What can you do to remove that pesky belly fat permanently?

It turns out belly fat is not unique to fat people. Even skinny ones can develop belly fat. Guess what? You need to lose that flab quick because it doesn’t just look bad—research reveals that belly fat is linked to increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Here are some quick tips in order for you to lose that flab and get permanent results.

#1 Eat healthily

  • Get as much fiber as you can from vegetables—not so much with fruits. Fiber delays the absorption of sugar—the main ingredient in the formation of belly fat (and all body fat, that is). Fruits are good but they are loaded with sugar. They are nature’s junk food.
  • Minimize your consumption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is an important nutrient. You must not remove it from your diet totally. By minimizing carb intake, however, we do not just mean in amount. It also means you get complex carbs instead of simple carbs. Complex carb sources include sweet potatoes, multigrain hot cereals, oatmeal, etc.,
  • Eat protein-rich foods. Protein helps prevent muscle mass loss during limited carb intake. It also boosts the metabolism and keeps you feeling full.
  • Avoid trans-fat. You can consume all types of fat that you want—except trans-fat. Don’t be afraid. With limited carb intake, your body will metabolize the fat from food that you take to use it for energy. But trans-fat is different. Studies reveal that it even induces abdominal obesity. You don’t just look unappealing—you also increase your risk of dying from diseases caused by accumulation of visceral fat.

#2 Go Easy on Alcohol

Alcohol is fine in moderation and if taken occasionally. Take it frequently, in more than normal amounts, and you’ll begin to make losing that flab difficult. You will also encourage abdominal fat buildup.

Don’t avoid alcohol, though. You would want to limit alcohol intake but you would need some, as well. It will boost your mood (that is if you enjoy alcohol) and it will also help you lose belly fat. A study involving 2000 subjects reveal that those who drank an average of 1 drink a day have less belly fat than those who don’t. A bit odd—but true.

#3 De-stress

It’s difficult to avoid stress. After all, it’s ingrained in us to help us survive. In short instances, stress makes us alert and energized. Stress in prolonged duration, however, can cause metabolic syndrome that leads to fat buildup.

In addition, stress can also increase your craving for food thus you tend to overeat. By de-stressing, you allow your body to return to its normal functions and you restore your body’s normal response to sugar. You also don’t feel hungry often.

#4 Exercise and sleep

Two important things that are found to be particularly helpful in losing belly fat and maintaining an ideal weight is regular exercise and full restorative sleep.

Cardio and endurance exercises are best for losing abdominal fat. They tend to burn visceral fats first which causes pot belly. Try to look for cardio and endurance exercises that you can perform, first, without straining yourself much. You can also limit the duration or difficulty of your exercise and gradually build up as you progress.

You can’t miss out on your sleep, either. It is getting clearer and clearer to experts now—sleep is a major component in keeping one fit. It’s the key to maintaining a good metabolism.


Belly fat is not just a simple issue. It is an indication of unhealthy practices that one has. In order to lose belly fat, and keep it at that, one needs a lifestyle change more than quick fixes. These changes are pretty basic and general but are highly necessary. These include changing one’s diet, reducing stress, exercising regularly and having a full restorative night sleep.


Author bio: Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at SnoringAids.com and co-founder of UsmanDigitalMedia.com. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.


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