Boho hairstyles are all about a minimalist approach to hair. You shouldn’t have to spend hours with your hair to get the perfect boho hairstyle. The best thing about boho hairstyles is that they don’t require a bunch of products that damage your hair. Most people can create a simple, beautiful boho look using basic styling tools and a few minutes of time.

Let’s talk about some of the most trendy boho hairstyles and how you can make them work for you with the right tool.

Popular Boho Hairstyle Trends

Boho hair is not only gorgeous, but it’s also easy to do, which is probably why it’s been so popular lately. Boho hairstyles are perfect for romantic souls who want their hair to look casually flawless, maybe even a bit on the messy side, but in a styled and beautiful way. Boho hairstyles can be an excellent compliment to a bohemian wardrobe, but can also be a match for just about any style.

If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you check out for hair styling tools that can help you create an exquisite boho look with minimal effort or damage to your hair.

Long, Messy Curls

4 Popular Boho Hairstyles and Tools to Use to Make Them 4

Long, messy curls are one of the top boho styles that people with long, wavy, or curly hair can master, although wavy works best. The idea is to keep the style as casual as possible, but dress it up with some loose, style curls that fall where they please. You want to stay away from overstyling any boho creations, which can ruin the casual vibe.

What’s the Best Tool?

If you have curly hair, you’ll need to use a straightener first to smooth out your locks. Straight and wavy hair, however, can skip straight to the curling iron to get this wavy style.

It’s best to choose a large barrel curling iron, preferably without a clip, which can put unwanted crimps at the ends of your hair. Choose random pieces of hair to curl and let the other strands go free, giving you a boho style that looks effortless. If your hair struggles to hold a curl, you can use a texturizing spray when you’re done, which won’t weigh down your curls.

Messy Updo

4 Popular Boho Hairstyles and Tools to Use to Make Them 4

This boho updo is the perfect inspiration for your upcoming prom. It’s sweet, classy, and casual, yet it looks like a million bucks when it’s finished. Fortunately, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to create this picture-perfect look, which features face-framing tendrils and pairs well with a floral crown or a flower clip on the side.

Before you start curling your hair for this look, use mousse to help it hold its shape and keep flyaways at bay so you can have a finished look all night long.

What’s the Best Tool?

For this look, you’ll want to use a curling iron with about an inch-wide barrel. You want loose curls, but only from the middle of your hair and down. Again, a clipless curling iron is a good choice. Curl small sections of hair at a time, bringing your curler only up to the mid-point of your hair.

When finished, scrunch your curls loosely with your hand, add some texturizing spray, and create a loose bun or clip the hair in the back. Remember to leave a few tendrils out to frame your face, letting them fall loosely in place.

Wavy and Topped with a Hat

4 Popular Boho Hairstyles and Tools to Use to Make Them 4

If you already have wavy hair, then this style won’t take much effort at all to perfect. A bit of texturizing spray or a spray made to create beautiful beachy waves will work wonders for your hair and help you achieve this look. But, those with straight hair can still make a few tweaks to get this casual hairstyle that looks amazing when paired with a bohemian hat and outfit.

What’s the Best Tool?

For loose waves, you can use a clipless curling iron with a one-inch barrel. The trick to this style is to make it look as though you just rolled out of bed with the hairstyle, not like you’ve spent time curling it.

A good way to achieve that is by curling your hair in a ponytail! Create a high ponytail and take small sections of hair, wrapping them around the barrel, until you’ve curled them all. Remove the ponytail, scrunch your waves, and add a texturizing spray to help define the waves and hold them in place.

Loose Braids

4 Popular Boho Hairstyles and Tools to Use to Make Them 4

The loose, casual braid is super-trendy in the boho world. You can make a single braid and leave some face-framing pieces out, or leave your hair down and wavy with some tiny braids scattered throughout.

What’s the Best Tool?

Braids can be tough for people with curly hair to master. If you have curly hair, you’ll probably want to use a straightening iron before attempting the braid.

Straight and wavy hair are perfect for braids, and you won’t even need a tool to make this casual look work. Just make your braid, keeping everything loose, and allow some pieces to fall out naturally, especially around your face.


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