4 Things To Do When Moving Houses

Moving houses has got to be one of the most disruptive and stressful, but often necessary interruptions in our lives. It does not matter whether you are moving for the last time from a rental to your own home or from your one home to a new one. In fact, starting school, changing jobs, or preparing for a wedding are considered less stressful than moving houses. To help ease the stress, here are four important things to do when moving house:

Prepare A To-Do and To-Have List

Create ample time to come up with a list of things and tasks that you need to clear up with/in your old house and acquire for your new house. Prepare the lists at least a month before your intended moving date. While the following list is not exhaustive, it gives you an indication of what you need to handle in your old house:

  • Consider selling out things that you will not be needing in your new house through an open community auction or list them on eBay or donate.
  • Ensure that you do home strip outs, clear any pending utility bills such as electricity, cable television subscriptions and close any contracts that are not transferrable to your new house.
  • Identify the new stuff that you will be needing.
  • Prepare a budget and include all projected moving expenses.

Identify a Professional Mover

So, we all have friends that want to help us to move things around and they want to show their support for your new decision. That is great! But… you may be having lots of stuff and their cars are just not good enough. Professional movers take away the pressure and stress of packing and carrying heavy stuff.

You should consider getting quotes from professional movers as soon as you identify your new house. Professional movers know how to make sure that your fridge does not get scratched or question your decisions for carrying that old chest drawer half across the country. When you finally on your preferred professional mover, bring them to your old house so that they can estimate the cost and get you a big enough lorry.

Pack and Label

Start packing your stuff in small bits and ahead of moving. In your old house, you will probably have those clothes that you are unlikely to wear before you get to your new house. For example, if you are moving during summer, pack your winter clothes away.

You might want to stop getting flowers for now so that you can pack your vases. Pack your needles and framed photos, but do not forget to label them! Labeling looks like an unnecessary task until you get to your new house and cannot find your favorite bowtie or scarf!

Say Goodbyes and New Hellos

Do not kill relationships that you have taken years to build by sneaking out of your old neighborhood without letting your friends know! In addition, let your mailman, local pastor, and community leader know that you have moved. Also, introduce yourself at least to your future, next-door neighbor – they come in handy when you least expect it.

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