4 Ways of Achieving Clear Skin

As its summer, we want to show off our glowing skin with the world. Having acne prone skin during this season isn’t really attractive and it puts our self-esteem down. In this article, I will be giving you real tips on how you can achieve clear, glowing skin in no time with inexpensive products. If achieving clear skin is your goal for this year, keep on reading!

  1. Drink Your Water

You must be tired of hearing this non-stop, but trust me; drinking water will help clean the impurities that are inside of you, which will help with the outside appearance of your skin. This healthy habit may be hard for some, but it’s important that you start slow. Have a goal of drinking 1 glass of water per day, than 2, than 3 and so on.

  1. Eat Healthy

You can try to do many masks or treatment on your face, but it’s also important to eat clean and healthy. You can’t expect to achieve perfect skin if you’re eating McDonald’s every day. You need to add veggies, vegetables, proteins; healthy foods that will help reduce bacteria from your face, and not add more impurities.

  1. Skincare Routine

Besides eating well and drinking water, you need to stick to a skincare routine. It isn’t necessary go and buy the most luxury skincare products in the market. Heck, even Sunday sticks to a simple routine and here are her secrets:

  • African Black Soap

There are so many benefits you can obtain by using this Holy Grail product. Not only does it help clear out your acne, as well by fading your skin discoloration and dark spots. It’s also ideal for people who have rashes, dryness and other skin conditions.

Every day, day and night, to have fast results, it’s important to wash your face with this soap twice a day.

  • Witch Hazel

The next step for the routine is a toner. And the best toner you can get is Witch hazel. Witch hazel helps to fight acne by reducing inflammation of the skin and by decreasing the oiliness. It also reduces the bacteria growth, and fastens the fading of dark spots and discoloration.

After cleansing your face, grab a cotton pad, and pour in some witch hazel. Gently take your time, by wiping you face with the product, and making sure it penetrates into the skin.

  • Vitamin e oil

Vitamin e oil plays a huge role for your skincare routine because it is anti-aging, meaning younger skin. Vitamin e oil also helps with fine lines, dark spots, and provides an antioxidant boost which protects your skin from sun damage.

After applying witch hazel, massage the product on your skin, not missing any spots, to get the full effect.

  • Shea Butter

Last but not least, SHEA BUTTER! Shea butter is helps cure dry skin, and its ingredients helps to protect the skins natural oil.

For the last step of your routine, take a dab of Shea butter, and massage into your skin. Trust me, it will be so relaxing, and it will leave you glowing brighter than a highlighter.

  1. Stay Consistent

It’s important for you who desire to achieve clear skin, to stay consistent with this routine. You need to do this every day to achieve the wanted desires fast. By following all of these rules, you will be enjoying your summer, with a clearer, brighter and younger skin in no time!

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