5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Engagement Ring Shopping

Just the way that wedding websites have changed the way we plan weddings, so too have online jewellers transformed the experience of buying an engagement ring. You no longer have to traipse off to a jewellery store and stress about finding the perfect ring. Now, your choices are pretty much endless, as all you have to do is turn on the computer and get comfy as you find the ring.

Here’s why we think shopping for an engagement ring online is the way to go.

1. It’s Super Easy

These days, we buy everything from our groceries to our clothes online. It’s more common to make big purchases online, too, and it is easier than ever before. You can now search for and choose a ring at home without the fuss of a pushy salesperson. And, you can enjoy features like free ring sizing, free shipping and returns, and if you want something totally unique, Diamonds.co.nz creates custom engagement rings in NZ.

2. You Can Concentrate on Quality

If you’ve ever gone diamond shopping before, you know how daunting the process is. Engagement rings are usually our first foray into fine jewels, and one of the biggest purchases a couple will make. There’s also loads to consider when buying a diamond that you may not realize, like whether or not it is certified by an independent institute, if the diamond is conflict-free, and whether or not there is a lifetime warranty on the engagement ring.

3. It’s Cheaper to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Online, you can find much better prices for big-ticket items like an engagement ring, since online jewellers just don’t have the overhead costs that brands with physical locations have. In fact, you can save anywhere from 20% to 50% when purchasing a ring online.

4. There Are So Many Choices

At physical stores, the inventory is usually limited as retailers must buy stock to display in their store. Online is a whole different story, and retailers may have thousands of certified diamonds along with hundreds of settings for you to choose from, so you have the opportunity to create the perfect combination of the 4 C’s for your lifestyle, your taste, and your budget.

5. It’s Special!

Buying an engagement ring online takes nothing away from the overall experience. In fact, we’d say it makes shopping for the ring even better. Traipsing around from one store to another is exhausting, stressful, expensive, and totally nerve-wrecking.

But, getting comfortable in front of your computer to pick “the one” takes no effort, leaving you stress-free to focus on the love of your life. What’s more, you can still consult with customer service teams and gemmologists about the rings you like or the ring you want to have custom made.


These days, online jewellers truly have become the go-to source for affordable and unique engagement rings of the highest quality. Feeling comfortable and confident with your purchase can also help make that occasions even more special.


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