We all love our friends but it’s only when they start whining about their upcoming birthdays and start pestering you about what you will get for them we lose our minds. Well it’s time to teach them a lesson! The best way to do this is with a classic birthday prank. Pranks can make a boring day hilarious and most importantly memorable. These pranks will not just make them happy on their birthday but they won’t be able suppress a smile or even a laugh, when they think about this prank much later. It will be etched in their memories forever.

Let the prankster in you takeover for the day play the most amazingly funny prank on your friend! To make your job easier we have compiled a short list of five best birthday prank ideas to play on your unsuspecting victim and leave her and everyone else rolling on floor laughing. . .

Who’s calling? 

Do you have a friend who is in love with her new phone and refuses to keep it down? Does that annoy you? Well this one’s for her. Make sure next time she gets a call, she thinks twice before attending it. Pranks can rarely go wrong.

Is she in love with beauty treatments? Try this! Give her a call saying, you are calling from a beauty salon (whatever your friend loves to visit, should be a good one). Tell her that she has won a free spa service as a complimentary gift for her birthday. She just needs to walk in at a particular time and it will be done. Give her a random appointment number and ask her to walk in. Keep going and talk about some spa services. Before she can protest, hang up! Voila!! She will be there.

If not that, call her saying you are some, “Jane” or “Ross” from “Pizza Hut” and she needs to make a payment. Tell her the delivery guy will be there in some time and she needs to make a payment for the delivery made.. If she starts protesting, say, “Hey, ten deluxe combination pizzas were delivered to your house this evening, and you now owe us $150 plus tax.” Keep this going as long as you can and this will surely make her angry.

Happy Birthday to you. . .The Cake Factor

Ah ha the cake! Think cake and your mouth starts salivating! Well, why not do something more with cake. Are you thinking of baking your friend her favorite cake, try making it special with a blast? Bake her an exploding cake!

You will find many ideas online to make an exploding cake. All you need is balloon, tape, a serving tray, card stock paper, scissors, frosting, cake decorating kit, icing and a knife. Secure the balloon with tapes on the serving tray. Place the card stock paper on the balloon; this will keep the balloon in place while forming the shape of a cake. Finally use all your creativity and cover the balloon and the paper with proper frosting and icing. Make use of the cake decoration and create the kind of design that makes it look like a cake. Let the frosting cover all the paper and balloon properly.

Wait for you friend to gleam at her beautiful birthday cake, and give you that “Thank you!” hug. When she tries to cut the cake she will puncture the cake and it will explode!


Image Credit: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3170/3814991622_5af2fef2a2.jpg

Heavy Birthday Present 

Does she love those big bright birthday presents? Give her one!

Find a large cardboard box, preferably an appliance box works the best. Write a note saying, “Just wanted to see you picking up this ‘heavy box’! Happy birthday!” Wrap the box nicely and write “Fragile” on it. Place the box outside her house or in a doorway entrance. While the birthday girl is watching, try your best to lift the box. Struggle and grunt while trying to pick up the box. Beg her to help you move the box to a chosen destination. Enjoy while she looks puzzled that the box is so light!

Prank gift ideas! 

My personal favorites!! These work all the time. . .

There are many prank gifts available on the market you just need to know what will work best for your friend. Prank gifts are a great idea if you want to have a good laugh or see the funny embarrassment on your friend’s face. Think of her personality while you choose the gift for her.

For e.g.: If your friend loves taking long hot baths,  here are a few things that can make her run out of her bathroom screaming on her birthday!

Black Face Soap 

Play this dirty face soap gag and make her go ‘black’. Replace her favorite face soap with this one and watch her run out screaming! Imagine her walk into the bathroom to clear the cake that you just smeared on her face. She rubs her face quickly to clean it up and the dirty face soap makes it worse!

Bloody bath shower curtains 

Imagine your friend walks into her bathroom innocently, all sleepy in pajamas. As soon as she opens her eyes, the bloody hands await her. Replace her shower curtains with the bloody bath

curtains and wait outside her room to know more!

Scary Peeper

Think it’s impossible to play a prank or surprise your friend? just….. Even a surprise 12’am birthday visit doesn’t come as a surprise?. Well try this. Be there before they expect you and stick a  ‘Scary Peeper’ on to their window sill when they are not around. This is a  three dimensional face that sticks to your window and look like someone is staring at you. There are endless spooky options available. Stick these on and wait for 12’am. Wait outside the window and knock till your friend wakes up. Hide immediately and have a grand time watching the Scary Peeper scaring her to hell and back.

Zebra High Heel Wine Candy 

These can be a perfect gift for the shoe lover! Ever thought of drinking from a shoe?

Gift these to her and tell her to store her wine in a stiletto!

Fake Cockroaches

Enjoy the sight of your friend screaming at the sight of cockroaches all over her bed or bathroom. Place them carefully in places, where she tends to walk in casually all the time. These creepy crawlies won’t disappoint you as they refuse to die that soon!

Best Birthday Prank Ideas for Her

Image Credit: http://www.sweetstyleblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/roaches-fake1.jpg

Seriously Funny 

Prank ideas are for fun and they will add flavor to your friend’s special day making it memorable. There are pranks that aren’t played to make fun of someone, but to ensure that the person can have a good laugh; so make sure it won’t hurt them or turn to something serious. Playing a joke on your friends is really cool. It’s easy to play a prank on anyone but make the person you will give it to will not take your prank seriously or offensively.

 It’s better to choose prank gifts which produce humor and revolve around the person’s special skills or excessive preoccupation for something. Try these and let your friend enjoy her special day rolling down in laughter!

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Claudia Johnson is associated with Funslurp for a long time. She likes Funny and unique gifts and in spare time she loves to write about fun gifts for women and men.

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