5 Different Types of Extensions for your Hair

A woman’s essence is laid on her femininity, so to taking care of her image is nothing new. There are those who dedicate long hours to their body, others to their complexion and many women pay special attention to their hair, always trying to achieve smooth and healthy hair. The truth is that a lot of women want to wear a longer, striking mane and they end up looking for the famous hair extensions, which besides making their life easier, they give them a totally different look.

However, in order to maintain the hair as healthy as possible, not all types of extensions can be used. There are different types that go according to each hair.

The first thing you need to know is that there are extensions of natural and artificial hair. We always go for the natural one because it gives a much better look, and it has more quality. If you want your extensions to look as natural as possible, then we recommend virgin hair, specially if you fancy thick hair and light brown shades, then the virgin hair from Peru is the one for you. But be careful not to buy too many Peruvian virgin hair bundles, as it will look overloaded and not pretty at all.

Another option for perfect and natural extensions are the Nadula virgin Indian extensions, knowing that 99% of Indian hair hasn’t been treated or previously subjected to any dye or permanent chemical process.

You can find different virgin hair bundle deals in a very good price, although it will be a more expensive choice than synthetic hair.

If you have also decided to use extensions but you are not sure which type best suits your needs, don’t worry! Here we are going to give you some guidelines that will help you make the best decision.

Sew in weaves

This is technique originally made in Africa, in which the hair extensions are applied in a unique way. The natural hair is braided and the extensions are sewn with the help of a needle and cotton thread. This type of extensions can be applied on all of the hair. However, it is advisable to avoid putting them too tightly because they can pull a lot of the scalp and can also feel very heavy. These reasons don’t make the extensions suitable for those who have thin hair, but rather for those with thick and abundant hair.Peruvian hair bundles are well known by most African American girls for its good quality and long lasting lifespan.

Keratin extensions

One of the most used techniques to place extensions is keratin. These kind of extensions are fixed to the root of our own hair by the application of heat, and they are applied with the help of a welding clip, joining the strand of the extension with keratin to a lock of hair of the same thickness.

They are much more flexible than the other types as it offers mobility to the root, so it’s easier to make different hairstyles like pigtails or braids. Tape-in extensions.

Tape-in extensions

They are strips of hair that have a transparent adhesive tape on top and are normally applied in the middle of a section of your own hair as if it were a sandwich: two strips of extensions are stuck to a section of your hair, in a contrary way. The process is repeated depending on how voluminous you want it.

These method is perfect if you are looking for a temporary look, and it’s also one of the less expensive types of hair extensions, so if you are in a budget and still want voluminous and thick hair, these are made for you.

Clip-in extensions

Clip extensions are an effective solution to achieve more length and greater volume in your hair. It’s the most comfortable technique and the easiest to put on if you want to do it by yourself and don’t want to complicate yourself to much.

They are curtains of hair that are easily placed by small clips, which you can remove and put back whenever you want.


Whats great about this method is that when you are  placing the wicks you don’t have to use glues, heat, or chemicals to put them on. They are small tubes (micro-cylinders) or rings that are used to pin up the wicks. A good thing about this type of hair extension is that they are small and light. Applied correctly this is a strong and safe system that won’t harm your own hair. Although it may take a few days to get used to this method, specially when sleeping. It can be the less comfortable one out of all the options, but it’s a perfect method if you don’t want to apply any kind o chemicals that could harm your hair in any way.

All of these options are good in their own way, you just have to look for the one that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. After all, hair is one of the most important aspects for a woman, and who doesn’t want long, abundant and healthy hair?


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