5 Hair Essentials for the Stylish Woman

Being stylish isn’t just about wearing the right clothes. It involves looking good and presentable from head to toe, and it starts with healthy skin and hair. Here are the top five hair essentials for every stylish woman:

Hair Extensions

If you consider yourself a stylish woman, chances are you enjoy changing up your look from time to time. It’s always fun to switch things up and try out a new, different look that makes you feel good about yourself. Clothes and makeup make this relatively easy, but it can be harder to change your hair too often. Enter hair extensions. These are a great way to try out different hairstyles without making permanent or drastic changes to your real hair. For high quality hair extensions and bundles, True Glory Hair is the place to look.

True Glory Hair offers well made Brazilian and Indian hair bundles made from real, virgin hair. They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles and lengths so you can experiment with many different looks. They are of very high quality and can withstand loads of brushing and styling so you can try out different hairstyles to your heart’s content. 

Hair Accessories

If hair extensions aren’t your thing, you can still easily change your hair looks by accessorizing. Essential accessories to stock up on include pretty hair ties, headbands, scarves and turbans. Accessorize depending on your mood or your fashion theme for the day, whether it’s prim and preppy with a headband, or funky and urban with a turban.

The truly stylish woman has at least a few hair accessories in her arsenal to complete her look and appear put together from head to toe.

Hair Protection

Environmental elements can wreak havoc on your hair and severely damage it if you aren’t careful. Going out in the hot sun in the heat of summer or a snowstorm in the middle of winter without the proper headgear can dry out your hair or make it brittle and prone to breakage.

The stylish woman always has the proper headgear in the form of hats and scarves ready to suit the season, because she knows that style begins with healthy, well maintained skin and hair.

Serums and Conditioners

Speaking of healthy, well maintained hair, regularly conditioning your hair and applying serums can do wonders to keep it healthy and shiny. Don’t neglect to properly moisturize your hair, as regular shampooing and exposure to the elements can make it dry and brittle.

After washing your hair, apply a nourishing serum or leave on conditioner while it is still damp, and be sure to concentrate on the middle part and tips of your hair. This will help strengthen your hair and prevent split ends, keeping it looking good and stylish.

Dry Shampoo

Dirty, greasy looking hair can really cramp your style. Avoid this hair faux pas by always having dry shampoo handy. Whenever you have to work long hours or unexpectedly have to stay overnight somewhere, dry shampoo will help you in a pinch by keeping your hair clean, free from grease and smelling fresh.

Make sure you have these five essentials ready in your arsenal so you can always look stylish, no matter what the season or occasion.

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