Festivals are typically thought of as being all about the music. But what do we wear to listen to that music? Just like DJs must have an idea for their sets, attendees must decide what they’re going to wear.

Must Haves for Festival Fashion

There are so many different styles to choose from when picking your rave outfit. Themes range from flower child, neon kandi kid, galaxy theme, all black everything, boho chic,  steampunk, and your classic less-is-more theme. It all depends on your theme, but there is a common basis across the board that you need for this festival season.


Crop tops and bralets

It’s hotter than the surface of the sun out there right now. The best way to stay cool is by wearing the least amount of clothing and letting your skin breathe. Crop tops and bralets allow your top half to stay easy, breezy, and beautiful while your bottom half tears up the dance floor.


Bandanas and hats

As if being hot wasn’t enough, the sun is killer especially right before the sun goes down. The best way to combat the inevitable is by protecting your noggin with a cute hat or headband. They will also double for making that day 3 camping festival hair look magical and refreshed. A lot of festivals are located in fields and in the middle of nowhere so the grass turns into dust and your lungs will thank you for protecting them. Pro tip: dunk it in water first so it’s nice and cold and allows you to breathe easier.



Must Haves for Festival Fashion

You want to be able to see the stage and the beautiful scenery surrounding you so eyewear is crucial to living it up. Day time, be sure to rock some sweet shades to protect your eyes from the sun like these cute kaleidoscope glasses. Once it gets dark, throw on some sweet diffraction glasses to enhance the visuals on stage. GloFX sells these babies in every color imaginable with over 500 styles to choose from so you can match your shades to your outfit.



No festival is complete without kandi bracelets. They are the ultimate way to express yourself with words and make friends and memories at the same time. Trading kandis is a quintessential part of making new friends at a festival. Plus, with so many beads and color combinations, the possibilities are endless! Many ravers love the aspect of PLUR while attending an event which stands for peace, love, unity, and respect and is the unofficial motto of ravers everywhere.


Glitter and jewels

A trend that is becoming more and more popular with every festival is the glitter. While its placement is constantly changing, its use has always been prominent in festival fashion. There are endless possibilities with color, placement, design, and amount. Jewels are just as popular because they are easy to apply and with the help of some eyelash glue, will stay put no matter how hard you headbang.


Each one of these five ‘Must Haves’ will make your festival experience that much better for one reason or another. The goal is to have everything planned and ready before you leave home. That way your rave outfit  is complete before you set foot onto the grounds. No matter the theme you choose, remember to get plenty of rest before you hit the festival so you can spend more of your time raving and looking flawless!



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