With blond hairstyle, dark themed tattoos and ragged clothes comes the piercing style. This style statement suits personality of every other individual, color and size doesn’t matter when you planning to upgrade fashion. All what makes your personality go crazy or stunned is passion for the latest fashion trends. These days the sassy and glamorous girls are killing the Instagram posts with trending cute nipple piercing jewelry, cool tattoos, bikes and trap music.

So, let’s get this party started! Let’s explore the top 5 popular piercing trends you must know to grab everyone’s attention towards you! Or, simply engage followers with #MyPiercing hash-tag and boost fan following on #Instagram #facebook.


  1. 14k Gold Skulled Captive Bead Ring: Extremely cool and eye catchy, this bead ring includes gold made skull, which brings a goth appearance to the piercing. Especially for funky men and women, who love to look extraordinary!
  2. Cultured Pearl 14k Gold Straight Barbell Nipple Tongue Ring: If you love pearls, then this ones the best for you. This stylish nipple/tongue piercing jewel is designed using the superior quality pearl. Best fact is the reasonable online price availability that matches your budget.
  3. Cultured Pearl 14k Gold Circular Barbell: If you looking for decent piercing option then choose this one! The circular pearl barbell is best option for cute nipple piercing jewelry at pocket friendly price. Additionally, it suits on all women of all size and colour.
  4. Diamond Princess Side Mount Bezel 14k Gold Captive Bead Ring: Designed precisely and mounted with original diamond. This one is the cutest piercing option for the adorable princess or Barbie look alike girls.
  5. 14k Gold Spike & Ball Twister Spiral Barbell: Spike and ball, both amalgam to enhance the feminine beauty, well this one is one of the most easy and popular piercing jewelry loved by women. Also, this one goes well with personality of men too.

Get Pierced and say Shut-up to your Haters!

Hot and happening, thinking out of the box, something amazing and being cool! Now that’s all about today’s trend, which is all about looking extra cool and sparkle the crowd on the streets of thousands. Latest fashion trend speaks about feeling comfortable, independent and living life freely without caring about picky comments and poking statements of haters or fans.

If you fail to attempt body piercing, then take inspirations from the hot Latin girls, who keep up their lifestyle higher with extremely cool fashion and piercing jewelry. Just let the hater’s blurb, always stay happy by doing what makes you feel comfortable and that lets you sense proud about your possessive fashion.

Stay confident, hire a professional body piercer and simply get set go with your new look. For best results, choose to shop an eye catchy designer piercing ring, as it comes in varied shapes, sizes and metal options as Gold, Silver and Platinum.

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