You just finished your instructor training, then now what next?

You’re prepared. You’ve trained your friends, relatives, your neighbors, and even your family members. Now you are going out from safe, rich waters. Your new experience and next phase might be a studio, a gym, or community center.

Have fun and use these suggestions and pointers to help you keep going.

1. Keep it Simple

Use the KISS method. Keep it Simple for Learners. As a new instructor, you will be most likely gaining students who are new to yoga as well. You do not have just to knock their socks off, wow them, or hit a home run. The hope to create an impression on them and that is what is required for students to have a powerful yoga encounter. But for students, less is more. People have enough on their dishes to be bogged down and confused with complex instruction and poses, different terms, yoga jargon, etc. Just showing up for the students is a wonderful accomplishment. They are already studying something new by just being in the training.

2. Be Easy on Yourself

You will always teach one of the three following classes:

One. The one you plan to teach

Two. The one you actually teach

Three. The one you should have taught

Number three can constrain new teachers. I should have said this; I should have done this, etc. Some teachers will go out and all the way home second wondering what they said and did. Learn from each class you trained and move on.

3. Use One Student in the Room to Teach to the Whole Class.

For new teachers, all students in the room may be overwhelming. To remain live and connected, look at one student when you are teaching and talk to “their body.” For example, say you are teaching Warrior 1, you would look at one person’s legs and talk to the basis of the pose. Not only does each person benefit from that, but the whole room does as well because you are connecting actually and you are live.

4. Have a Guide

As a new instructor, you already have enough on your table, such as memorizing possess, etc. Ensure it is simple for yourself and have a notebook that has your tips, pointers, or whatever you need. It’s okay if you refer or find yourself in trouble.

5. Don’t Give Yourself a Try

You will most likely have students new to yoga if you are a new instructor. Basically, do your best. It is awesome the stories that we hear to from new teachers. We have seen countless stories where students have loved yoga through a new instructor. The exercise is potent. Just getting people to move their bodies, to have freedom, to fresh their minds with meditation is extremely powerful. Keep in mind when we teach, we teach for them. Share your love of yoga. Learners will like this, and it will come back to you.

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