5 Wedding Venue Options For A Romantic And Memorable Day

When a couple becomes engaged, they most often will begin to think immediately about their wedding. While many of them will choose to hold their weddings in traditional places, it has become increasingly popular for couples to have them in distant places and in nontraditional settings. If you are planning your wedding, there are a number of choices you will need to make. First and foremost is the size of the wedding you will have. Depending on the number of people who will be attending, your venue should be able to accommodate them all. When choosing your venue, you may also want to look into what they can offer as far as a ceremony place and reception area. If you are looking to host your wedding at Byron Bay, there are many places where you can hold it. You will want to make your special day as beautiful and memorable as you can.

Beach Weddings That Can Make Your Day Special

There are many private beaches located throughout the bay and you should look at several of them before deciding on which to choose. The views from the beach at any of them are wonderful as a backdrop to your ceremony. The smaller beach areas will only be able to hold your ceremony and you will need to find another place to hold your reception; while the larger beaches will often have outdoor and indoor reception halls. Check the pricing at all of them to see what they will offer you. The prices will vary greatly from one to the other. Also look on the internet for reviews of them and base your decision on those. In the case of rain on your special day, ask each of them what is done as far as an alternative to the beach.

Cliffside Bluffs Are A Big Draw

The amount of cliffs that are located throughout Byron have become a new wedding attraction for some people. To be able to get married on the top of a cliff overlooking the lake is a great experience. The photographs that you will be able to get from there are like no others. These sites are the latest to get into the wedding venue field and couples are flocking to them. Because of the number of requests, they are often booked very far in advance and if you choose to have your wedding at one of them, you should try to book it quickly. The place you choose should be able to put together the wedding you are looking to have. They can provide either overhead canopies or none at all. Many people who have their weddings at these spots will often have nothing but the beautiful backdrop as their focus. The organizers can place as many chairs for your guests as you need. The hilltop views will keep them in awe. Temporary shelters can be placed in the area if there is any chance of rain allowing you to keep your plans as wanted.

Lush Forests Can Be Very Romantic

Going back to nature is how many couples are heading today. The rustic, old world feel of a forest wedding is something most dream about. The lush landscapes are perfect for an old fashioned wedding. Most of the accommodations in these locations are decorated with rustic décor and you can make changes to any of them easily. Your wedding can be very elegant while maintaining the down home feel of these areas. The atmosphere is very relaxed and your guests will find that they enjoy it much more. While your ceremony can take place outdoors, there are typically wooden structures made to seem like old barns that can host your reception. Your color choices in these settings should stay in line with the earthy feel of the place. You could also include the beauty of nature into your flower arrangements.

Using A Historic Home For Your Wedding

One of the most popular places that couples have been using to host their weddings is historic homes. These homes can often be rented out for your party and they each come with their own design. Many of them have been built by wealthy families who have chosen to donate them to rental companies. The prices for these types of weddings is often higher than most traditional settings but they offer much more beautiful accommodations. Ceremonies are held in one of the homes great rooms and receptions are in another of them. Your guests can tour the homes while attending the reception and are able to find out the history of it. There will be private areas set aside for the bride, groom and their wedding party to rest after the ceremony has taken place. Although they take place in historic places, the homes have all of the modern conveniences you will need.

Choosing A Venue Within The City

If you want your wedding to be in the heart of the city, there are many options that you will have to hold it. Check with attractions in the city to see if you could hold your wedding there. Many zoos, aquariums, and museums will play host to wedding parties. The ceremony can take place besides a lions cage or a shark tank. Couples who have done this type of wedding have said that their guests have enjoyed immensely. The attractions you contact can let you know if this is possible and how you can go about scheduling it. Believe it or not, these weddings are often much less expensive to have. The cost for the rental of the attraction is typically the price for admission plus other administrative costs.

Whatever you have chosen as your wedding venue, plan it carefully. You want your wedding to be something that people will remember for years to come. Hiring a wedding planner is your best choice if you want to have a nontraditional wedding. They will be able to get whatever you need for you. The price you pay for one of them is well worth it.

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