One thing all ladies can agree on is that we tend to be the most self critical of the two sexes. Whether it’s our hair, our clothes, our careers, or our bodies, we all know that feeling sexy isn’t our first instinct (and we all want to!). When I was in high school, I would have done anything to feel sexier. Though, high school probably wasn’t the best time to try; I think I was more successful then than I am now. That being said, as I’ve gotten older, become a mom, and lost my “effortlessly sexy” self I have learned to sort of create my own ways to feel sexier.

Start with How to Feel Sexier in your Head.

Don’t be one of those girls who thinks sexy starts on the outside. It doesn’t! Feeling beautiful and being confident starts in your head. That’s why our first 3 tips all have to do with your inner sexy self and how you can have her tell your nerdy self to be quiet!

1. Give Daily Affirmations

Every day when you wake up (somewhere before checking Facebook and after climbing out of bed) give yourself three reasons you are a beautiful, awesome person. For me that might be; I am an Awesome Mom, I have amazing big brown eyes, and I’ve done a KICK BUTT job at staying committed to my goals. For you, they could be something else entirely. Just make sure to commit to giving yourself a little boost daily.

2. Make YOU your first Priority

This one is going to be a little bit tougher, but don’t hate me just yet. Try it for a week and just watch how awesome it is. This tip, brace yourself, is to make sure you don’t read Facebook OR your e-mail until you’ve done a few things for yourself. What does this mean? Shower, comb your hair, and get dressed before you start engaging with other people. This YOU time is something that you not only deserve, but something that tells your brain that you mean business.

3. Ban the Green Eyed Monster

You probably know what this means already, but just in case; you have to cut out the gossip and the jealousy. As girls, we tend to want to gossip and judge nearly everything we come in contact with. Doing this breeds negativity, and negativity doesn’t feel sexy! Instead of immediately talking about how CRAZY that girl is for wearing white after labor day, why don’t you cut yourself off there ad ask yourself what’s good about her? Noticing the good in others will create a more positive mindset, and this WILL help you feel sexier yourself.

Help your Body feel Sexier (Every Day!)

Your body controls how you feel too you know. What you eat, what you do, these ALL matter. Not only does regular exercise and a good diet help you physically, it also makes you feel better mentally.


4. Drink More H20

Water is needed to keep your skin hydrated, to keep your body flushed, and to keep your blood pumping; but did you know that water also helps your mental state? It does! Not having enough water can leave your skin gross and broke out (among other things) and give you a headache. Can anyone give me a better example of reasons to be cranky?

5. Get Some Targeted Exercise

Another no brainer, we all know that exercise is good for our bodies. That’s not all, though! Exercising releases endorphin(s) and stimulates that make you feel absolutely blissful, and if you choose the right exercise, you can contribute to helping yourself feel sexier just by practice. Try a new dance or yoga exercise and watch yourself blossom from “fair” to “fabulous” in under a week!

6. Make sure to Get your Beauty Sleep

Rest is important! Rest is important, rest is important, rest is important. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record here, but if you want to feel sexier, you need to sleep more. A lack of sleep not only gives you ugly wrinkles, but it makes you cranky and can impair your judgement (are you SURE that outfit is really cute?) Need I say more? Get your daily 7-8 hours of sleep, and watch yourself feel sexier this week.

You Control Your Mind!

You control your mind, not anyone else! If you want to feel sexier, then do! I’m of the belief that absolutely anyone can feel sexier without purchasing a bunch of crazy products. That said, I invite you to try this tips and let me know if they work for you! And for more great tips, information, and ways YOU can feel better about You, check out my blog;

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