7 best ways to choose your shampoo

While you cannot ward off the hair problems caused due to change in weather, you can equally help yourself by giving your hair a regular grooming session (washing, conditioning, hair spa, etc.) by using various cosmetics on your hair such as shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair serum, etc.

A shampoo is nothing but a simple solution that is used to clean the outermost layer of your hair. There are some shampoos which go into the root level of your hair and keep them clean inside out. Cleaning the dirt out of your hair is what your shampoo does. The most common mistake which is made by a number of people during their hair care regimen is the wrong selection of shampoo. Washing your hair using a shampoo is the first step of your hair care and if you choose a wrong shampoo, your entire hair care is going to be a waste.

A shampoo never aids in changing or restoring the overall texture of your hair, however it does help you in washing all the dirt out of your hair, thereby keeping them need and avoiding various hair problems. The selection of a proper shampoo for your hair type is of utmost importance.

Here are a few easy ways of selecting the right kind of shampoo for your hair type:

  1. Know your hair type:

The first and the foremost thing that you must do while selecting the shampoo for your hair is knowing the type of your hair. Some people have a dry scalp while others possess an oily scalp. Thus, you must firstly figure out the type of your hair and also how your hair reacts in varied environments as well as temperatures. Once you are well-versed with the type of your hair, you can always choose the best shampoo. Mostly, an organic shampoo does wonders to the hair of all types as it does not contain any chemical.

  1. Oily hair:

If your scalp is oily and your hair become oily within a day of washing then you must select a mild shampoo. A mild shampoo doesn’t contain a number of chemicals and the regular use of mild shampoo does not cause any harm to your hair. Thus, depending on how oily your hair get, you must pick a mild shampoo from the cosmetic store and treat your hair right. You can also pick an organic shampoo as it is free of chemicals. 

  1. Normal hair:

The normal hair type is neither too dry nor too oily. The major problem with normal hair is that they generally suffer from various issues of scalp and itching which make their hair look bad and also affect the overall quality of the hair. Thus, you must choose a shampoo with a mild detergent for your oily hair as it helps to keep the moisture level decent and doesn’t leave your hair undamaged.

  1. Dry Hair:

If your hair type is that of dry nature, you must choose a shampoo which doesn’t contain any kind of detergent as to its composition. Hence, picking up a shampoo that keeps the moisture level of your hair high without causing a lot of reactions is what is recommended for your dry hair.

  1. Curly Hair:

Having curly hair isn’t a problem, but choosing the wrong shampoo and conditioner is. If you have curly hair, you must pick a shampoo with high moisturizing levels as this shampoo helps to nourish your hair and keep your curls defined.

  1. Protein based shampoo:

If you are looking forward to choosing a protein based shampoo, then reading the label of the shampoo is highly recommended as it will give you an idea about the levels of protein contained in the bottle. Your protein shampoo must contain the ingredients like protein, shea butter as well as glycerin.

  1. Colored hair:

Always pick the shampoo which are color safe while choosing a shampoo for colored hair.

Follow these easy-peasy tips while choosing a shampoo for your hair and let your day be a good hair day.

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