So it is your boyfriend’s birthday and you are doing a lot of soul searching in order to get him the perfect birthday gift. Guys, unlike girls, are easier to please. But this does not mean that anything as well as everything can be a birthday gift option for your man. While buying birthday gifts for him, make sure to take a closer look into his likes and dislikes. Presents that are helpful in their daily lives as well as something that goes well with their lifestyle and hobbies are always loved by men. If you are not able to decide on that perfect birthday gift for your man, here is a list of 7 great birthday gifts for him.

1.     A Rolex for the man who values time: 

If your boyfriend is adamant about punctuality and values time, this gift will probably not only make his day, but will also lighten up his life for a really long time. Not just any ordinary watch, but gift him the king of all watch brands, the Rolex Submariner itself. There are lots of royal as well as classy designs to choose from and this gift is something that your guy will love and cherish as well. There is nothing that a man loves more than being paid attention to and this will kick start a great equation between you and your boyfriend.

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Rolex Submariner
Submariner men’s luxury watches by Rolex.

2.     For the man who loves fashion: 

Guys are usually considered to be less inclined towards dressing up and grooming themselves. But the truth is that your boyfriend loves to follow the latest trends may be not as much as you do, but yes he surely loves to look good. We are looking ahead to the summers and there can be no better gift than buying him a pair of cool fashion labels for his birthday. Brands such as Armani, Versace and others are decking up their shelves and there are lots of choices for you to pick from. For great men’s clothes, visit the experts at Bonobos or if he just needs cool socks, they these ones from Nice Laundry. If you’re not sure what he would like, try these sturdy classic boots from Billy Reid. They’re rugged, timeless and good-looking, just like your man.

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Nice Laundry
Photo credit: Laura Fruchterman


3.     Xbox or PS for the kid in your guy:

No matter how old he is, your guy probably needs something to play and spend his free hours on. Gift him a brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for his upcoming birthday and believe me, this will be one of the best investments that you will make this year. Your boyfriend surely needs these kinds of gift in order to realize that you acknowledge his privacy as well as hobbies. Make sure to get two controller so you can play with him as well.

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Video Games

4.     A lavish getaway: 

Perhaps you and your boyfriend are neck deep into your respective careers and have very little time to spend with each other. At this point, a lavish and well- spent getaway is what your guy really needs. Book tickets, make reservations at a swanky hotel and take your man out of the country. Visit Agoda for great hotel deals or JetSetter for memorable vacation packages. There are lots of foreign destinations which are famous among love birds and it is all that he needs for the time being. London, New York, Miami, Hawaii, Maldives, etc. are few of the destinations that couples usually love to visit.

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Plan a Getaway

5.     How about a VIP stadium seat?

Guys are usually passionate about sports and most probably your boyfriend is also one of them. To show your love for him, there can be no better gift than taking him to his favorite sports game. Instead of going for the normal seats, buy tickets for the VIP stand and there is nothing that could excite your guy more than being there with the love of his life. And to really impress him, throw in his favorite team jersey (and one for yourself to match, of course).

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Stadium Seats


6.      A gadget for the tech freak boyfriend: 

Guys love to experiment and electronic gadgets are a favorite among the guys belonging to all age groups. Invest in a great high end bluetooth speaker, smart phone or shower speaker.  For the movie lover and avid TV enthusiast, there’s also plasma TVs, video projectors and Slingboxes.

7 Great Birthday Gifts for Him - Coolest Bluetooth Speaker for Him - UE BOOM

7.     Does your boyfriend love to accessorize?

Guys who love to dress up also like to accessorize. If your boyfriend is one of them, gift him a nice pair of cufflinks, a classy wallet or belt, a swanky card holder and customized key chains on his birthday.

Give Him Cuff Links - Cabochon Turquoise Cuff Links

It is going to cause you a little stress and dilemma in order to make him feel special, but the perfect birthday present will surely make him feel loved as well as blessed to have a partner like you.

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