7 Reasons to Keep Fit and Get Healthy and Stay That Way!

There have been many calls to respect body types and quit judging people based on appearance. This is a good thing. Having a positive body image for yourself and others is a beautiful thing.

That said, there is a lot be said about keeping fit and healthy. A fit and healthy body is strong, copes better with stress and fights illness…and wins this fight. It also contributes in a big way to your confidence levels and mental wellbeing.

However, before you embark on any fitness regime, you will need to check out the fitness reviews. You do not want to end up attempting to train to be a contortionist if that is not your intention. Here are a few reasons why you should keep fit:

1. You feel more energetic.

There are many things and people that need your attention throughout the day every day. When your body is fit and healthy, you will never feel too exhausted to deal with everything. Even at the end of a long day at work, you still have the energy to spend time with family or friends.

2. You look good.

A fit body looks good and no one can deny that. A healthy fitness level helps to keep your body toned and your weight will never be over or under. You like the way your clothes hang on you and you will never feel self-conscious in places like the beach or a public swimming pool.

3. Both your mind and body function better.

You are able to get more done and in a shorter time when you are fit than when you are not. An unfit body gets tired more quickly and the mind is never quite as alert.

4. You are less prone to lifestyle-related

Most lifestyle illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases are attracted to unfit bodies. They will give you a wide berth. You also suffer less from aches and pains and most immune system-related issues.

5. Increased stamina.

You have more energy to not only do your mandatories, but also follow up on your hobbies. You will not leave the office to go collapse on your couch. You can follow up on your hobbies, like sports or dancing or whichever physical activities you love to do.

6. You will age gracefully.

A fit and toned body ages better than an unfit one. This is because your bones and muscles are stronger, and your skin is taut. Age-related issues like arthritis and osteoporosis will not have adverse effects on your body.

7. Gives you a constant dose of happiness.

Being healthy and fit comes with a huge dollop of happiness. Exercising releases hormones and endorphins that make you feel good and actually give you a high. It is definitely a drug you cannot overdose on. Exercising is a good way to ward off depression and anxiety.

When you are the right weight and you are not prone to disease, you feel free and happy and that is what being fit does for you, but be sure to read fitness reviews so that you can follow a fitness plan that will work best for you.


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