The 7 Rules Of Successful Formal Dress Shopping

Your formal event may be a while away yet but you still want the best experience possible when shopping. As the process of actually buying the dress is almost as important as wearing it, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Planning for shopping may seem odd but when you put these tips in place, we guarantee things will get a whole lot easier. You’ll also increase your chances of find the perfect dress for you in good timing which limits the stress and chance for mistakes.

Are you attending prom? Wondering on where to get started with your prom gown hunt? Peaches Boutique has a selection of 2018 prom dresses that come with affordable price tags. With the vast array of choice both online and on the high-street though, it seems tricky where to look these days. This is yet another reason why these must-know tips will help you get down to business and successfully buy your dream gown.


There are plenty of shopping tips out there but you need something that’s really going to help you step up and truly shine. Here’s some of our great advice to get you on your way:

1. Shop in a good time.

Starting the shopping early is a great thing to keep in mind. Even as early as 3 months before you want to be gathering ideas, searching down stores and trying things on. This really gives you enough time to get things in order, shop around and get any alterations done. 

2. Try on all different styles.

Not getting your heart set on one style in particular leaves things open for experimentation. It’s often when we experiment we find what really suits us through trial and error. So try on everything! From mermaid gowns to monochromatic and A-line gowns, you’ll find the one for you.

3. Save time and bring heels.

You want to get the best feel for how the dress will fit on the day. To do this successfully, it’s best to bring heels so you really get a good idea of how the dress moves and the overall length.

4. Limit the amount of people you shop with.

The more the merrier so they say?! Not with formal dress shopping. Whilst it’s fun to go with your mom and friends, too many people can overcrowd your judgement and turn into a bit of a headache. Just keep things simple and invite the people you love and trust. It’s their opinions you’ll want to hear most.

5. Have your budget in your head.

Be clear on how high you’ll go to save yourself overthinking and overstressing. There are plenty of affordable options especially when you shop online but keep in mind shipping and taxes.

6. Get inspiration.

Pin down what you like in terms of styles, colours, shapes and designers even. You want to go shopping with a clear idea of what you like but not so set that you aren’t open to new stuff.

7. Call the dress shop up before you go.

Calling in advance just gives the supplier time to ensure everything is in stock so you won’t waste your time and energy. It will also allow you to book a one-to-one so you get the full attention of an advisor.

With these tips, you’ll surely find your dream dress!

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