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A union of two people in love, and vowing to spend their life together must be celebrated. Marriages are beautiful, and spread the love and cheer all around. And as it follows, most of us are invited to more than a couple of these.

But, spending a fortune on wedding gifts may not always be possible or best for our pockets. But, there are lots of other inexpensive but impressive ways to make it special for the couple, and give them gifts that they will love and cherish forever.

  1. Personalized Linen

Have an eye for details, and pick up pretty linens like bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, and then take it a notch higher, by getting them embroidered with the couple’s initials, wedding date, or simply cute ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ captions. These embossed linen will be exclusive and special and will leave the couple feeling warm and happy when they unwrap the presents.

  1. The Mandatory Mixers and Vacuums

You will see these registered, you know that every newly married couple will need these. Yes, we are talking about home appliances of course. You can easily buy home appliances online for the newlyweds at very affordable prices. Identify the brand or company you would like to purchase it from, then check the prices on a reliable price comparison website and go ahead and buy something utilaratian for the couple. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  1. Wine for the Future

For that adorable and madly-in-love couple, gift them a wine bottle that is meant for the ten year mark, and will taste much better after ten years. Visit a wine and spirits shop, and talk to the wine expert there. Consult the wine taster, and pick up a semi-expensive wine, something around the range of $20 to $40. Wrap it up in a customized bag with a note that tells the bride and groom to drink it up at its peak time (post the ten year mark). Not only is this a sweet gesture, but also one that will show the couple how sure you are that their love will stand the test of time.

  1. Honeymoon Gear

The honeymoon is something every married couple looks forward to. Find out where the couple is heading to, and give them some interesting travel gear relevant to the place they are going. For the sun and sands couple headed to the beach, you can gift them a set of matching beach towels, some good beach reads, a good sunscreen, some cool sunglasses. For the couple traveling to foreign lands, affordable luggage, cute luggage tags, passport holders make a great gift hamper.

These gift hampers are something that will keep the couple covered during their exotic vacation. Also, don’t forget to add some eye masks, flip-flops, and comfortable travel pillows for the just-married who have just had an enjoyable, but very hectic time.

  1. A Wedding Scrapbook

Few things tug at our heartstrings like scrapbooks do. Sure making a wedding scrapbook requires some serious effort, but is extremely easy on the pocket, and makes a wonderful gift. Collect the tiny things leading up to the big day; the wedding invitation card, pictures from the bachelor’s and bachelorette parties, candid moments of the couple, pictures from the rehearsal dinner, and other events leading upto the wedding.

If you have been a part of other milestones in the couple’s lives like the proposal, the first vacation, or have managed to get hold of precious pictures like the couple’s first date, make them a part of the wedding scrapbook as well. Cute captions, lines from their favorite songs and movies alongside the couple’s pictures will make this scrapbook a gift they will keep safely forever. You can also leave some pages at the back, so that the couple can continue to update the scrapbook, as they step into this new phase of their lives, and create new memories.

  1. Gift Experiences

While a newly married couple will be blessed with a lot of gifts, they will eagerly be looking forward to many new experiences in this new phase of life. Gift them experiences that they will enjoy together. Do a little research and find out what are the activities the couple in question enjoys doing. If they are the indoorsy types, you could probably gift them a Netflix or Hulu subscription that will let them have the cozy night ins. But hey, throwing in a few restaurant certificates for some romantic date nights is not a bad idea either. Tickets to a music festival, wine-tasting, or concert could also make a memorable experience for the couple. Gifting experiences is thoughtful, different, interesting, and won’t require you to break the bank.

  1. A Hamper of the Small Registry Items

The registry items usually consist of a variety of items at different price points. While a lot of the guests pick up the fancy coffee-maker, and expensive china, there are a lot of equally essential and reasonably priced items that many ignore, but are equally needed by the bride and groom.

Pick these small items up and make a hamper out of these table-mats, vases, measuring cups and the likes. It’s not going to cost you a bomb, and you will end up giving the couple something that they want.

To Conclude,

Weddings are expensive affairs, and it is not always possible to splurge a lot on the wedding gift, what with the expense you will already be incurring on your outfit and travel. But a little innovation and thoughtfulness can go a long way.

There is no fixed amount you need to spend on a wedding gift. What matters is the emotion the gift is coming with, and the heart in the gift. Are you ready to attend weddings and gift fabulously on a budget now?



Ann Neal is a writer with a keen interest in fashion, family, parenting tips, health and lifestyle topics. She is passionate about music and loves to play guitar in her free time with her cute pooch listening quietly ;). Tweet her: @Ann_G_Neal

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