Style and glamour are the key components that many designers seek to have incorporated in their clothing lines. However, as it the case with these trends, not every designer caters for the entire population.

This is to mean that there are certain considerations to make when it comes to finding the right look, some of which include:

  1. If the aim is to make the legs look longer, consider having a short skirt instead of a long one. More of the leg will be seen and therefore an illusion created that they are longer than they really are. Consider having this with a pair of stockings as well.
  2. As far as possible, the best eye makeup is natural. Few people look good in bold colors like purple and gold. Always seek to find the kind that matches the skin tone and complements features like the eyes and cheekbones. In its best sense, makeup should be worn to enhance features, not recreate non-existing ones.
  3. When it comes to the fit, casual wear is the most affected by mismatch. It is more trendy to wear a loose fitting top with a fitting trouser or a tight fitting top with a loose trouser, not the reverse. This is because a loose combination can look lazy and sloppy while a completely tight one can look suggestive.
  4. Simple jeans can be transformed to fit any look by varying the shoe, the top and the accessories that are worn with it. This means that it is easy to slip from casual to dressy with great ease by simply varying the kind of shoe or accessory that is used. A nice dressy top can be concealed under a coat at the office and at the end of the day, the coat can be opened, the shoe put on, hair let down and a fancy necklace placed on for a new look.
  5. It may seem strange but choosing to do a full black outfit could actually portray a slimmer and lengthier form. Choose to break the black with jewelry. This is particularly of importance to ladies with a fuller frame as they will look much smaller in size.
  6. One important consideration is size. Always ensure that the clothes are the right fit and right size. Wearing one that is a size smaller could look like it constrictive and expose flabs., while wearing one that is too large will create a larger than normal body size.
  7. When it comes to lipstick, often times, ladies want to get the latest trends and show how in tune they are with what is popular. This should not break the rule that dark skinned ladies look better in shades of red or brown or even some purple hues. Light-skinned ladies are more suited for the lighter shades like pink.
  8. Even with all the daring and bold designs being explored, always seek to keep to individual style. There are things that can be borrowed, mixed and matched, but in the end, the best style is individuality.
  9. When it comes to skin tone, the most common mistake is that ladies tend to have a different foundation tone on their skin from their natural tone. To make matters worse, there is a tendency to have the foundation applied only to the face and none of it to the neck area. This needs to be considered otherwise the effect is a multi-toned appearance that is unattractive.

Designers are motivated by recognition. They always want their work to showcase a lot of talent and class, an attempt that is met with a lot of appreciation especially when it comes to clothing for women. However, there are outfits that are made for certain audiences and this always needs to be factored in when looking to keep up with the latest in the textile industry.

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