For a talented and crafty yoga enthusiast, what could be more fun than creating and designing your own yoga bags from some of the materials that you can find at home and in fabric stores! There are a few websites that can aid you in making a pattern for your own yoga bag. You would be able to come up with a unique bag that would truly cater to your unique taste and style. You can even invite some of your friends over to make yoga bags with you, and in this way, you would be able to swap ideas and come up with one of a kind bags that would really make you stand out on the way to your yoga class!

One idea would be to use an old pants of pants for the construction of your bag. Instead of throwing away your old jeans or slacks, you can convert it into a one of a king bag for carrying a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and other accessories and small equipment. You just need to use the pant leg as the body of the bag, making sure that you measure enough to cover your yoga mat before you start cutting. You can use a colored fabric rope to close one end, and loop the same fabric rope on the other end as a sling. This is just the basic step; you can go ahead and stitch on some fabric embellishments or even glue on some beads or crystals to make it as stylish as you like. One of my friends used material from an old scarf to custom design her own yoga bag. She just stitched one side, added on a fabric rope and voila! A one of a kind creation! Old towels can be used as well or even old drapes – really, any scrap or extra material you can find. The key would be creativity.

Can you just imagine going to your gym class and being asked where you got your gorgeous yoga bag? You can even make one for your friends and gym acquaintances – or if you are enterprising enough, you could certainly make a small business out of it by selling through sites like eBay or Etsy. Yoga bags also make a great gift for your loved ones who are into exercising, as they can hold exercise mats, water bottles, and changes of clothing. A little creativity and ingenuity will go a long way!

Visit these links to learn more about yoga bag options, and discover how using equipment like yoga blocks can take your yoga practice to an amazing new level!

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