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There are many advantages of buying a used car:

  1. Depreciation has already occurred

The moment you drive your newly minted car off the shiny showroom floor, its value starts decreasing. It’s valuable in the showroom or in the lot, but not on the road because wear and tear and use has taken place. But with a used car, the depreciation is not a factor to consider because most of that has already taken place. There are tools you can use that tell you what a car costs and what it will eventually work out to when the value drops.

  1. It is a money saver

A used car is sometimes only half the price of a new car. This means massive savings for you, especially in terms of how much you need to borrow from the bank.

  1. No hidden costs

Ever wonder why new cars are sometimes so horribly expensive? That’s because you pay for all sorts of fees- shipping, transportation and even showroom fees. With a used car, all that goes out of the window and you pay for the car and documents. No hidden fees= more savings.

  1. The power of certified pre-owned

Sure you’ll have to pay more for this certification but when you think of all the savings you make with a pre-owned car, it’s worth it. What a pre-owned certification comes with is a company assurance that the car you’re looking at has been thoroughly inspected, has had its problem areas corrected, and comes with an extended warranty. Some manufacturers will even throw in a few other perks, making it a great buy once more.

  1. Lower everything

A used car costs less as we have already established, has lower yearly registration fees, insurance fees and customisation fees. The money you save on the last can be used to soup up your car as you please. You can make a used car as personal or special to you as you desire.

  1. Perfect starter car

A used car is great for the budding driver or the young college student. It’s also good for the young couple trying to get a start in life. It’s not expensive which means it won’t burn a hole in their pocket and they still get to enjoy the sheer pleasure of a vehicle.

  1. Environment concerns

There are too many cars on our roads these days. Families tend to have more than one vehicle and the amount of damage this can do to our planet is scary. a used car has lesser of an impact on the environment, especially in comparison to hybrid cars which use terribly destructive batteries.

  1. Sheer choice

If you’re willing to go back a year or three, you might find the brand you’re looking for, at bargain price. Used cars come in every size and shape, from a small vehicle to a used honda accord. If that’s always been your dream vehicle but it’s a bit out of your budget, wait for a bit and then buy. You’ll get a sweet deal.

car dealership photo

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