Tourist in Spain

Spain is one of those countries that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. It is a beautiful place, a paradise on earth that will win your heart with its outstanding diversity. Any type of tourist will find something attractive to do in Spain, something interesting, matching his or her preferences, as it is that type of country where you will find both a high mountain peak and a delicate beach bathed by crystal clear waters, a modern, cosmopolite city and a romantic, traditional, whitewashed village. How can one not fall in love with something like this? It is absolutely amazing how Spain puts a magic on its visitors, what a huge power of attraction it has!

Visiting La Rioja

Spain has several regions that attract tourists with their individual character and their unique atmosphere. La Rioja is one of them; the region is not the most visited and popular, but it is an extremely beautiful one that deserves your entire attention. The first thing that will come into your mind after visiting La Rioja is the wine having the same name; this is the only place in the world where this delicious wine is produced, so make sure you taste it.

The center for the wine production is Haro, which is also the stage of a very famous annual ‘’wine battle festival’’. The region is an extremely important one for pilgrims, as Saint James’ Route, having Santiago de Compostela as destination is led through its territory. The monasteries spread along the route are all of a great architectural value, but also a cultural one: this is the place where the inhabitants of the regions wrote the first texts in Castilian Spanish.

The Route is packed with towns that represent great sightseeing attractions for tourists: Santo Domingo Calzada, Arnedo, Calahorra, and San Millan Cogolla. The Tierra de Cameros area is definitely worth a visit, as it is of an amazing beauty, with caves, grottos and breathtaking landscapes. The rural tourism plays an important role in La Rioja, with numerous possibilities for entertainment such as hunting, fishing, hiking or climbing. While visiting this region, you are not allowed to leave without tasting the delicious cuisine, which contains a few recipes that won’t be found in other parts of the country; combine them with the spectacular wines produced in La Rioja and you will have a spectacular result! Enjoy!

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