If you are an aspiring model then let’s face the facts; you have a tough road ahead of you. The modelling world is one of the fiercest when it comes to competition. However, it is not all doom and gloom. A career in modelling is one of the most rewarding as well. Thus, if you put in all of the hard work you will be blessed with an exciting and prosperous career in the end. To ensure this happens, keep on reading to discover some top tips for those who are looking to become a model…

– Learn to take the word ‘no’ – Rejection is something every single model is going to experience at least once. Even the top models in the industry today still here the word ‘no’. After all, every client is looking for something different. Whilst you may be perfect for one campaign you may not fit the bill for the other. How you respond to the word ‘no’ is what will make you a great model. You need to be able to take rejection on the chin and use it as a tool for moving forward and becoming stronger. If you take it personally you will fill yourself with self-doubt and you will never achieve your aspirations.

– Knowledge about the industry – Being a pretty face is definitely not enough. Every model will have to engage in press duties at some point or another. It is simply inexcusable to be unknowledgeable regarding the industry. For example, if you go to an event and do not know anything about the designer you are wearing then you are going to be in big, big trouble.

– Modelling is a life choice, not a 9 to 5 job – If you choose to be a model then you have to look after yourself every single hour of the day. This is a life choice, not merely a job. Make sure you follow a healthy eating plan and that you exercise regularly. You will have to have a solid skin care plan in place as well. And, don’t forget to get a minimum of eight hours sleep an evening. It is important that you look fresh and feel reenergised as well.

– Let your personality shine through – Don’t hold back. Your look is not the only thing that is going to make you stand out from the crowd, but so is your personality. Look at Naomi Campbell – she is known as a strong, fierce and confident woman. What about Erin O’Connor? She was a quirky, self-assured and unique aura. Then there is Caroline Weinberg. She is bubbly, cheeky and playful. Let your personality shine through, yet make sure it is appropriate at all times. You may be sassy, but this doesn’t mean you have the right to give attitude on set.

– Select a modelling agency with care – Last but not least, one of the most important decisions you will ever make is deciding what modelling agency to sign up with. This is a decision that should not be rushed into. Make sure the agency matches in with your wants and the area of modelling you wish to expertise in. Furthermore, read reviews that have been left by others in order to determine whether the agency has a credible reputation or not.

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