Women’s clothing at fashion runway shows can be very glamorous but also very curious. Sometimes you wonder, would someone really wear that outside? It seems like most of the clothes made for fashion shows would be for celebrities or to wear as costumes in actual films or live shows. I don’t think people buy these articles of clothing to wear in their daily lives.

Some runways shows feature a certain theme like recyclable material or African animal prints. The recyclable material show may show off materials imitating recycled cans or bottles, bottle caps, trash bags, fish nets, or chain links. You wonder if people would actually wear this outside. Someone wearing these clothes could be spotted as a homeless person. The material doesn’t look expensive but it probably is. African animal prints could be spots, stripes, bones, crocodile skins, hides, and furs.

I think there have actually been runway shows where the designer would dress the model up in fur, and someone from the audience would throw paint onto the model. It has been very controversial whether real fur should be continued to be used as a fashion item. Fur used to be expensive but very popular. Now animal rights activists are very against the idea and are trying as best they can to stop designers from using fur in their clothing lines.

These are examples of more outrageous runway shows. However, there are more normal ones as made by Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. There clothes lines tend to be more modest and trendy. I don’t think they would necessarily make a show on recyclable material or African animal prints. Their style is more conservative. The colors they choose are more neutral and less flashy.

Runway shows have been more exposed to the public on television, and not just to other designers and journalists privately. Shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway” have become very popular amongst the public. It is sort of exciting for the public to see how judges of these shows make their decisions, and just to see the clothing being modeled. “Project Runway” is a very competitive show where the designers work very hard to win top designer at the end.

I think these runway shows expose more women’s clothing than men’s clothing. Women’s runway shows seem to be more popular only because women are probably more interested in clothing than men in general. Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, two popular female celebrities, have made these shows popular and attracted a lot of attention due to their famous names. The competition, celebrities, fashion, and music have all contributed to make these shows popular and have probably drawn a lot of attention to fashion runway shows in general.

Finally, while these television shows and fashion runway shows attract a lot of public attention, I am doubtful whether the public actually goes out to buy any of these clothing items that they see on the shows. Meanwhile, they are just a good source of entertainment for us!

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