Trudy’s friends had been talking about this great new fitness class they just tried, and they really wanted her to come along the next time they went. Her friends told her it was called Bikram, or hot yoga, and that it was designed to help you sweat more for a better cleansing and to enjoy deeper stretches than what you would get in a cooler room. Trudy agreed to go to the class, and her friends told her to wear clothes for yoga that were suited for warmer temperatures and to pick up a special Bikram yoga mat. Trudy didn’t really want to buy things she didn’t need, though, and she already had a basic yoga mat.

Trudy decided to educate herself a little more on this type of yoga by researching yoga tips online, and she found that a Bikram yoga mat actually had some specific purposes and was something that she really did need to buy for the class. This type of mat was designed for a class where you sweat a lot, and it was more absorbent and sticky than a traditional mat, which helps you to stay safe and enjoy the class more. So where do you look for a Bikram yoga mat? Here are some of the first places you should look when shopping for this type of mat:

• Yoga Studio. Your yoga studio where you signed up for the class likely has a few mats suitable for the class as well as other basic yoga gear. These may be priced higher than other places you can shop, though.
• Sports Stores. Many larger sporting goods shops carry some basic yoga gear. You surely can find a few different styles of yoga mats, but you may have to look harder to find a mat suited for Bikram yoga.
• Yoga Websites. There are dozens of websites online that offer a great selection of Bikram gear. For the easiest shopping option, try, which sells gear from various different websites and retailers in one location. You can also do a quick online search and have your mat ordered and on its way to you in a matter of minutes.

Anytime you try out a new activity, you want to have the right gear with you to get full enjoyment out of the activity as well as to stay safe, and this is true with hot yoga as well. If you are planning on taking a hot yoga class in the near future, you should spend some time today shopping for a Bikram yoga mat. You will find that you can find a great selection of affordable mats, and bringing such a mat with you will help you enjoy the class that much more.

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