As the autumn came, more thunderstorms, lightning will produce electromagnetic and electrostatics. You may have no idea of these. Thus they are surly dangerous to your laptop. I used to have my ex- HP Dv2120tu AC adapter got short circuit. To help you a better and safer environment, remind you to have these tips in mind. And pay more attention to the dry and thunderous climate.
(A) Check the ground line for preliminary
The plug is three prongs which is responsible for the earth ground connection. For the desktop, the host produces a large number static electricity. The ground line help this electricity generated out through the ground. Otherwise, the electricity is threatening for you as well as the computer. as this HP Dv2120tu AC adapter, it got short circuit because of the unstable current in the thunderous day.
(B) Reduce online time at the thunderous day
General Internet dial-up with the cable and telephone lines will produce large amounts of static electricity. When used during a lightning day, will have a greater risk, particularly at home ground is not properly connected. There is potential risk to damage the motherboard. That is why my (C) Cut off the power while not use the laptop
people usually have its laptop plugging in for convenience. In the thunderous day, it’s dangerous to leave the pug connected to the wall outlet. When not in use, turn the power off and unplug the power cord. This way you can put your heart in your stomach at the lightening day.

(D) Regularly cleaning
because of the dry weather, there is more dust in the air. Respectively, the laptop have some dust covering in the screen, the keyboard, the outlet of the fan. While dust attached too much, it ill reduce the work efficiency. If the internal drives too much dust absorption, it’s likely to cause a reduced ability to read the disk. Therefore, the computing environment should pay attention to clean, if conditional, computer dust on a regular basis.
(E) Ventilation is necessary:
Computer working temperature ranges from 10 to 35 degrees. Do not stack items on the computer, not to block the ventilation holes.

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