Believe it or not it is pretty easy to make a fake designer bag and its actually pretty easy to spot fake Prada designer handbags if you know what to look for. Make sure when buying a Prada bag off an online auction or website that it comes with certificates of authenticity and/or at least some type of serial number you can look up from Prada, if some of these thing are not present here’s some helpful tips to avoid fakes.

Step 1 Look at the Prada name on the emblem, look at the R in Prada if the right leg on the R is strait– its fake, if it curves in –its real.

Step 2 the tag inside the bag must say PRADA MADE IN ITALY exactly.

Step 3 The lining should say Prada going horizontal all over it ( For example: Prada~Prada~Prada~), its Pradas signature lining that is used in most of their bags and the fake Prada designer handbags will have something that looks like it but it wont say Prada!

Step 4 the background of the Prada plate, usually same color as the bag.

Step 5 The metal on the bag even the buttons should be engraved with the word Prada.

Step 6 It should have a serial number from Prada and come with authenticity tags and a dust bag

The Italian fashion designer Mario Prada first founded his namesake company in 1913 with simple, dependable products. For many years, however, Prada was not associated with high fashion. Only after Miuccia Prada, Mario’s granddaughter, expanded the company in 1978 did the name Prada become synonymous with couture style. Spotting fake Prada designer handbags form the real deal is a matter of quality. Today Prada handbags are made of different types of leather, from Lambskin, Calfskin, Goatskin and Patent Leather, but it is easy to distinguish if the leather is of a good quality or not. The lining is usually made of a satin material that has a nice shine to it and most designer handbags have the name brand name or logo on the lining. Designers almost always use leather accents, not plastic. Prada handbags are popular because first and for-most they are made from quality materials.

Following some simple tips you should be well equipped to spot fake designer handbags. Its worth the effort because the potential to make a nice profit selling designer handbags is great.

Happy Shopping!

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