Hatha yoga has been a very popular option for the people who wish to improve their spiritual health, body and mind since 15th century. This helps in striking a balance between these three components. The word yoga literally means the union or working together of mental, physical and spiritual health. It is very important for you to know about yoga asanas which are simple to follow and are beneficial for your health. The word “Hatha” denotes balance. It provides relaxation and rejuvenating to your senses. It relieves you from all types of stresses, worries, anxieties and tensions in life.
The yoga consists of stretching exercises, pranayama and meditation. With the help of this yoga, you will become more comfortable with yoga as it teaches you the most basic of yoga asanas. Anyone can practice this wonderful yoga like retired personals, house wives, public officials, students, businesspersons or and athletes. It makes you fit, active and healthy. It provides mental stability.

Benefits of hath yoga

Benefits of yoga have been very well known to the people for centuries.  Practising hatha yoga has several therapeutic, preventive, mental and physical benefits. It heals the body and makes you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed. It improves blood circulation and provides oxygen to various internal organs.

Following are some of the major benefits of Hatha yoga:

•  Flexibility: One of the greatest benefits of this yoga is that it provides agility and flexibility to your body. If you practice this yoga on a daily basis, you will observe an improvement in muscle joint mobility.

•  Posture: With the help of this yoga, you can expect an improvement in your posture. Through this wonderful yoga exercise, your spine will become strong. Besides, this increases your stamina.

•  If you are suffering through back or neck pain, then one of the best possible solutions for you is this  yoga which you do using your hands. Stretching and breathing exercises will help you in overcoming from chronic stress and bad knees.

•  Breathing exercises in this amazingly fantastic yoga provides you an inner strength to fight with different types of physical pains like shoulder pain, back pain, headache or neck pain.

•  One of the most striking benefits of this yoga is that it helps you to heal several types of diseases like arthritis, fatigue, chronic, asthma, arteriosclerosis, AIDS, diabetes and obesity. If you are over –weight, then this yoga helps you to lose all extra fat from your body.

•  It will boost up your metabolic rate and accelerates the digestion of food in the body. The chances of falling prey to health problems like diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure decrease to a great extent with the help of this yoga. The yoga also improves overall immunity of the system.

•  This yoga is very good for the health of pregnant women. It saves them from several problems like backache, depression and overweight. It is observed that the women who try out hatha yoga can handle labor pains in an easier and better way.

 There are innumerable physical, spiritual and mental benefits of yogaHatha yoga makes you feel good and look young. It is the best way to refresh your mind and keep yourself away from health problems.

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