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In the issue of Franck Ribery, Catalonia no consensus on the two media. “Daily Sports Daily” editor Carazo claim is likely to win the Barcelona president, a candidate for election, and Franck Ribery has been completely binding, Dao Balian will be his flagship. According to the “World Sports Daily,” said Laporta hope in the next few weeks to finalize Franck Ribery, he does not want to Dao Balian’s move onto the end of the season. But one thing the two media are completely consistent with the attitude of: Henry, Franck Ribery has been identified as the best successor.


So far this season, Henry scored a total of only 2 balls. In the previous three rounds against Sporting Gijon, Getafe and Atletico in the game, the Great did not get a minute of playing time. Henry face to take care of the Catalan media, but also can conceal the play “Henry how the” like the title, while Madrid’s mouthpiece, “Marca” is categorically stated that Henry had not Guardiola for next season plan of the.

Franck Ribery will be high in March to negotiate with Bayern Munich in order to determine whether the contract with the team. But his recent move to Barcelona many times a good show of view, Dao Balian and Bundesliga giants have been lopsided. Franck Ribery hopes to winning the Champions League, Bayern he has no hope. For forced to leave last summer, Franck Ribery, Bayern executives also regret it. Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern refused to offer 60 million euros, but had to be sold off in the summer.


According to the “World Sports Daily,” said Barca to Franck Ribery is valued at 30 million euros to 35 million euros between. Franck Ribery and Bayern taking into account the contract will expire in the Ming Xia, Barcelona’s bid is clearly more than Real Madrid 20 million euros offer more sincere. Real Madrid have pulled out of the fact, the pursuit of Franck Ribery, while Dao Balian do not like the weather in London, Barcelona is clearly in his battle leader Chelsea.

“World Sports Daily,” and even said during the spring of 2009 and the Ba Sada Franck Ribery has become a verbal agreement from Bayern at Barcelona by the French right of first refusal. But with the restoration of Florentino, Franck Ribery Zidane joined Real Madrid interested in persuasion. Franck Ribery Real Madrid give up now, but Guardiola is still desperate for Dao Balian of bad faith, which the French winger was very moving.


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