I discovered this technique for removing writer’s block by accident. In fact, I made this discovery long before I had any intention of becoming a writer.

I was watching a taped version of a three day marketing conference.

It was the first marketing conference I had ever seen.

As a result, my mind was absolutely drenched with great marketing ideas I could use in my business — or any business for that matter.

Filling my head with so many ideas seemed to turn on my creativity switch.

As the processing, sifting and sorting of the information went on beneath the surface of my conscious mind, I found myself making all kinds of wonderful, creative connections.

For the next month every business I entered was scrutinized through the lens of my new understanding.

I found myself devising all kinds of wonderful concepts that could be used to attract customers and sell more stuff.

The interesting thing was, these ideas just “came to me” without me having to think about it.

If I wanted to, I could have filled a book (maybe a few books) with the ideas swarming around inside my mind.

I didn’t write a book. But I did gain an important lesson:

If you want to write about a topic, dig so deep into the subject that your mind is brimming with interesting ideas, facts and applications.

This works best when you take a deep interest in the subject you want to write about.

Once you’ve done this, let your subconscious mind begin to sort and make new connections between the different pieces of information you’ve fed into your brain.

At this point, ideas will start to stir beneath the surface of your consciousness.  Soon, ideas will float effortlessly to the surface — and you’ll become conscious of them.  The more you think about the ideas that emerge, the faster your mind will make new connections.  Before long you’ll have so many good ideas to write about you won’t have time for writer’s block.

You’ll be too busy scribbling all your great ideas down.

How long will you need to spend feeding your brain with great ideas before your own ideas begin to flow?

I watched those conference tapes for three days. But the ideas were firing off in my mind well before the close of the third day.  So I would say the time is determined by the quality of the ideas — and perhaps the uniqueness of the ideas — you are feasting on.

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