In a vast majority of circumstances, an employer can tell if a candidate will make the final cut the moment they enter the office. It’s reflected in the choices the applicant made long before the potential employer ever shook her hand.  For better or worse, first impressions can make or break a job opportunity. After all, an applicant with all the right answers but who has chosen to wear sneakers or appears disheveled will most likely lose out in a professional interview. Here are our beauty tips for an interview to help you land that dream job.

So what will that prospective employee do to make a better first impression?

Beauty Tips for An Interview

First and foremost is clothing. The timeless adage “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” applies tenfold in an interview. Clothing in an interview should be simple, professional, and should not be the time to make a loud fashion statement.

Don’t show too much skin.

A coordinated suit with subdued colors and a simple blouse and shoes will satisfy even the most critical prospective boss. Women should keep skirts conservative and always bear in mind that, while sitting, the skirt could rise around two inches upwards. Showing too much skin could make both the applicant and the interviewer uncomfortable.  A neutral colored pair of pantyhose is always acceptable as well. Trying on the clothes the night before an interview will ensure a comfortable fit and keep you away from scrambling in the morning.

Use a lint brush.

Avoid open toe shoes or abnormally high stilettos; heavy attention-grabbing jewelry; anything that shows cleavage; vibrant patterns that could be distracting; and any article of clothing that is wrinkled. Make sure all lint and pet hair is removed from your attire by carrying a small lint brush like the one sold by

Keep your hair and make up natural and neat.

The next most important aspect of the first impression is hair and makeup. Hair should not cover more than 25 percent of the face and should never interfere with eye contact. When it comes to your tresses, cleanliness is far more vital than a complex style. Many ladies have a habit of frequently running their fingers through their mane or twisting the ends when nervous so, if this describes you, consider either a French braid or a low knot to avoid temptation. Additionally, avoid loud hair colors. It is best to keep hair colored naturally – i.e. blonde, brunette – as opposed to colors such a blue or green.

When it comes to makeup in a professional setting, less is more. Flashy colors of lipstick and eye shadow, while attention grabbing, are usually not going to win many points with an interviewer.  The goal is to look polished and engaged, so have your eyebrows cleanly shaped; your eyelashes heightened with mascara (avoid clumps); and lips should be a subtle tone sans excessive glossiness. Nothing quite says “lack of sleep” like eye redness, so make sure your excited gaze is clear and bright with contact lenses that are specifically designed to maintain moisture, like many of Acuvue’s lenses found affordably here. Finally, an applicant should ensure their fingernails are clean and manicured with neutral colors that can’t be interpreted as childish.

Whiten up your smile.

Just like wide, white eyes convey interest and enthusiasm, a white smile can be a secret weapon to obtaining employment. Studies have shown that the appearance of your teeth can directly influence your perceived employability, as well as the amount of money you can earn. Therefore, make sure you brush regularly and, during the weeks leading up to the big interview, consider using whitening strips.

Avoid smoking right before you go in.

An interviewer will also pay close attention to an applicant’s body language. A candidate can convey a professional appearance simply in attitude. Firstly, an interviewee should never smoke directly before an interview, as the smell will linger; to help combat nerves and shakiness, smokers can turn to nicotine gum or an e-cigarette instead. No cell phones, facial piercing (with the exception of a single pair of earrings) or tattoos should ever be seen in an interview.

Do you have additional tips you think our readers will benefit from? Share with us in the comment section below!

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