Beer finder apps are in constant demand nowadays. There are some features of Beer finder apps which are common in all of them:

Browse by name or brewery

Select the type and the location where you need it

Browse pubs and stores by specifying location

Rate and review beer and its types

Access to the highest rated and the most popular ones

Make the personalized page on favorite beers

Easy to use and track beers anywhere

Free to use and great to quell beer thirst

Fans of the Irish beer can now have the Guinness Pub Finder app which is an iPhone app which can easily find the nearest pub. Illegal pubs can also be tracked too! One can even find a good place near your own location for getting good beer with its Locate a Pint feature. You can get detailed information about various types of beer in 6 clear steps with the feature which is called “Know your Pint”. Presence of alcohol and the percentage can also be known in Guinness and its FAQs. The feature is rightly named DRINKIQ.

Draft and craft aficionados always prefer the Findmytap app which is available for both the iPhone and Android. The latest versions can also run the app as it is perfect for searching out your own favorite brews!

Beerby is a combination of different beer finder apps which is a good thing. It consists of a Foursquare app, and allows ratings on the type of beer found in a certain location. It is a part social network and a part game since you can play virtually too. You can even track your friends drinking beer and with ratings on different types of beer, one can even earn a badger. The app is perfect for the beer-drinking social butterfly that makes merry for 365 days of the year!

onTap Beer App resembles the Findmytap app in more ways than one as it allows to post pictures and give ratings to beers. Comments and notifications can be added too to every beer type you see in the app.

iBrewMaster is perfect for people who are interested in home brewing and it makes the task ridiculously easy. There are more than 50 pre-installed recipes and some specific instructions on the whole home-brewing process. One can go into the specifics of each and every beer type and then create pints as and how you like the alcohol content. Additionally it gives detailed information on the number of calories that you will get with a pint.






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