Yoga is becoming more and more popular with more people realizing all of the many benefits it offers. Though there are a few different types of yoga, and they all offer great benefits to the body, one very popular type is power yoga. However, exactly what is power yoga?

It is the form of yoga based on Ashtanga but incorporating a power aspect to it. The power is designed to increase the strength all over the body. With flowing postures, not only is strength and flexibility increased, but also a big cardiovascular component is incorporated. It is a great form of exercise for a complete workout.

Even with power yoga, there are focuses. For instance, core power yoga concentrates on strengthening the core, which means not only the abdominals, but also the back muscles. With this muscle toning workout, a long, lean, strong body will be the result.

Strength, endurance, and flexibility will also be increased with core power yoga.

Power yoga poses range from novice to advanced, and while some poses look like they can never be attained, with a good focused and consistent practice, people practicing yoga will continue to be amazed at how much better they continue to get. Things they thought they never could do may soon come easy.

Some beginner power yoga moves are things like the basic sun salutations, which begin with moves like forward bends and downward dog, moving into upward dog. These poses not only increase flexibility and strength, but also endurance and balance.

Other moves in power yoga are flows consisting of vinyasa poses, then warrior sequences, balance moves (like tree pose or awkward chair) and then triangle pose. Triangle pose has a lot of adaptations to work for the beginner to the advanced practice and is an excellent pose for strengthening the core as well as back and leg flexibility.

The balance poses are wonderful for mind body awareness, building muscle and focus. As each person gets more advanced, adaptations can be made like binding and holding the poses for longer.

Power yoga benefits are huge, and whether done as the only type of workout or in conjunction with other forms of exercise, these benefits range from body to spirit. One great benefit of power yoga is that it touches on all components of exercise – strength, endurance, flexibility and power.

People are continually surprised at how their bodies change when a yoga practice is started. Muscles develop and fat is shed with power yoga. Some people enjoy yoga in a class, others like doing it in the quiet of their own home. Whatever the case may be, it is a beneficial practice to begin and incorporate into daily life.

Jasmine Cummings is a 30 year old RN and fitness fanatic living in Alaska. I really enjoy reading, writing, and fitness. I currently maintain a website with hundreds of free fitness tips

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