Best cakes for girlfriends

Love is beautiful and we guys show our love towards our girlfriends in many ways. We gift rings, earrings, chocolate, teddy bears and cakes. Many of us prefer flowers which make them feel great. Despite this, for many, the best present we can give to a girlfriend is a cake. Love also satisfies the stomach and women are not the exception. Below is a list of the best cakes online for girlfriends.

White vanilla flavored cake

Vanilla and chocolate are two of women’s favorite cakes. Vanilla with a slight grape flavor gives the dessert a special and unique taste. After apples, grapes are among the most preferred fruits by girls. On one side, you can put a Happy Birthday message for decoration. Presentation can be simple. Decorate by adding white and purple for the occasion.

Heart-shaped caramel cake

Caramel is very common in cakes. A heart-shaped cake flavored with caramel may be a great idea. Decorate the edges with small and attractive feathers made of camdies. The center of the dessert can be red or pink topped with a Happy Birthday message. Feel free to choose the size of the cake but medium size is best. Add a text in a color that is not overshadowed by red. Cover a great part of the dessert with it.

Heart-shaped cake with a different message atop

Try different texts for this kind of cakes. “I will never stop loving you” is a beautiful message, for example. Use caramel to border it. Use simple feather-themed decoration with adding candies or flowers. Use red for the center of the cake and golden for the edges. Pastel colors suit well too.

Big round-shaped cake with roses

This dessert may be the perfect present for any. If you want it for your girlfriend, write her name in the middle of the cake along with a meaningful message. Combine flavors like strawberry and ice-cream. The cake, this time, can be pink, pastel or fuchsia. Add roses made of cane syrup. For the roses, choose red, pink, and fuchsia and use them all interchangeably. This is not an extravagant design and generally these are eggless cakes.

Make-up themed cake

Are you looking for a stylish design? Are there any girls who don’t like make-up today? If your girlfriend is too girly, why don’t you try a make-up themed design? Imagine a cake showing a chocolate and peanut brush on the cake. Imagine the reaction shown on her face. Ask her which make up style she uses regularly and inspire yourself on it.

Chocolate cake with little hearts decoration

Add many elements to the cake here. Make your own collage with chocolate, colorful candies and lollipops. Spread the little hearts on the cake. Size? Make it small and it will look cute. Use purple, yellow, red, sky-blue and fuchsia. Write the text in the middle of the cake and utilize fuchsia and yellow for it. Decorate the edges with peanuts. Top with honey and add some icing on it.

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