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The aging process is inevitable. As you age, you may begin to experience certain health issues. You start getting little pangs where you would have never thought you would and then the reality of taking care of yourself becomes imperative.

Considering Some Comfortable Amenities for Your Loved One

It might be a bit early to think about senior living and unique amenities you may need for yourself in the future. However, maybe you have an elderly friend or parent that is currently in an assisted living community. As you look around the community, you may realize that there might be some things that could make life easier for that special senior citizen that you care about.

Moreover, are they settled in a place that houses the unique amenities they may need? If not, should you start thinking about purchasing the things they may need and redecorating their space? Is that your responsibility or the community’s?

A Few Furniture Suggestions That May Benefit Their Needs

In order for a senior living program to be successful, it must be designed to be ergonomic and senior-friendly. Most elderly individuals have some common basic needs, especially those including mobility. As we all know, the older we get, the more our bones will become fragile and in turn, we become slower. Furniture, such as chairs and beds, designed for seniors should be simple to maintain and easy to get in and out of. With this in mind, picking furniture that is helpful to someone’s needs as well as comfortable is key.

Some senior living communities may not think that furniture specifically designed for aging seniors is imperative, however, it’s one of the most important features an assisted living community can offer. For example, a recliner is most often associated the type of furniture an elderly individual could benefit from. However, recliners with feet props are not truly beneficial to those who lack the muscular strength to close the foot prop with their legs. A recliner that is generously cushioned and has push-button mechanisms that will do things such as lift them straight up to standing position, has easily reachable pockets on the side to hold remotes, and most importantly, will substantiate the elder’s personal needs, is a great option.

In addition, for a comfortable night’s rest without lying flat, you may think the best bed for elders is a regular hospital bed that adjusts to sit up or lay back. Well, as that is a great aspect of a bed, today there are stylish beds which do the same and they will levitate the feet as well. They are also made lower so when someone turns to get up out of their bed, their feet will already touch the floor.

Setting Your Loved One Up with the Perfect Home Life

In reality, it can get overwhelming buying researching which furniture is appropriate for the elderly. So, when our loved ones are ready to transition to a place that will accommodate their specific needs, there are assisted living communities, such as Avanti senior living that will already provide a lot of those accommodations for them.

Not only does Avanti have many nice amenities that will make your loved one feel like they can still collaborate with the outside world, but it also has a community specialized for those who have illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The memory care program of Avanti senior living is based on more than 25 years of dementia research performed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Aging.

Making a Comfortable Home for the Ones We Love

As much as it can be a difficult task to make decisions for our elderly loved ones, it is an uplifting experience when we are able to help them transition in their golden years. Finding a place that offers the amenities your loved one needs and deserves is important. But finding a community that designs its exterior, interior, furniture, and layout to purposefully benefit the elderly is imperative. Make sure your elderly loved ones are living comfortably in a place they are proud to call home.


Author Bio: Bethany Campbell is prior military, serving in the Army for 6 years as a Mental Health Specialist in Germany and Georgia. She’s been a content writer in the Marketing Industry for almost a decade. She now writes for several blogs, including the,, and blog.

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