Milan Fashion Week 2010, among the greatest fashion event was held in Milan, Italy on Thursday, September 25, 2010. Milan Fashion Week 2010 is one of the most important fashion weeks taken place in the four fashion capitals of the world including New York City, London, Milan and Paris. Milan Fashion Week is a fashion event allowing fashion designers, brands or fashion houses to introduce their latest editions in runway shows. Particularly, Milan Fashion Week 2010 enables designers, brands or fashion houses to get to know the in-and-out of vogue for the season. Among the variety of fashion designs, wedding gowns were shown off with lots of impressive editions. As to be known that a wedding gown is worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style of the wedding gown can depend on the culture, religion, seasons, fashion and bride’s personal style. The wedding dress editions during the Milan Fashion Week 2010 is mainly white in color. Let\’s have a look at the following most stunning wedding gowns presented during the Milan Fashion Week 2010.


Because of white as major color, Armani showed off fairy-style dresses looking really light, weightless and sparkling


Such a stunning wedding gown helps you shine at the wedding ceremony thanks to modern styles


The impressive Dolce & Gabbana wedding gowns are attached with flowers. Both short and long wedding dresses are covered with white flowers


Blumarine’s design is another Spring/Summer choice looking sweet on the beach with jewelled sandals and flowers in the hair


Such original wedding dresses in Milan Fashion Week collection designed by Roberto Cavalli are covered anemone-like vignettes


The short white dress of Luisa Beccaria has become the hot fashion trend in the wedding season. The nice dress is embroidered with light beads suiting young brides


Another designs of Luisa Beccaria are wedding dresses printed with pink embroidery and beads or metallic low-necked gown with wide belt


Traditional style is inspired in Valentin Yudashkin’s designs. Embroidered with flowers, the traditional wedding dresses look so light and romantic. Such Greek style wedding dresses are suitable for brides at all ages


One-shoulder wedding gowns have become the favorable choice for many young brides in the modern life. Such silver and satin wedding gowns help brides to be more highlighted in front of the cameras



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