Have you tried Bikram yoga? This is an awesome crazy insane heated torturous yoga that has hundreds of thousands of people around the world addicted to the twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises all done in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Oh, and by the way it’s 90 minutes long.

Do you think that sounds hard?

Or maybe yoga to you sounds like a bunch of lit candles and chanting, banging on bowls to make vibrating sounds? Well let me tell you that Bikram yoga is definitely NOT that.

Some people love the heat but I can tell you from practicing a lot and talking to loads of people who have and have not tried Bikram yoga that the heat is usually the biggest fear that they have prior to trying it as well as horror stories from others about feeling nauseous or a bit dizzy. This is a bit scary yes. If someone told me that, I’d probably be a bit hesitant as well.

I’m not here to scare you.

I’m here to tell you that yes, eventually everyone, regardless of whether it’s your first day or not will feel that way sooner or later during their class. You are exercising and detoxifying. All the crap in your system is trying to make it’s way out through your pores! Sweating is something Bikram yogis learn to appreciate in it’s fullest.

But that won’t be the hard part about this yoga. That is the easy part.

Knowing that everything is going to be fine and that the end of the class brings so much satisfaction is what drives Bikram yogis to continue coming back class after class. On top of that, there is a whole new world of realizing that the class is more than the class and you start to realize that you have a great deal to learn about when it comes to focus and concentration.

Bikram yoga is more than the postures of the sequence. It is a way to release the mental thoughts through exercise and stretching of the physical body and it feels so relaxing once the class is complete. Bikram Choudhury did not design the sequence so the student would feel defeated. It is a way to see how much you are improving as the class has the same sequence every time you go.

It is not about being perfect or reaching that ideal pose on your first attempt. It is to learn the postures and get the benefits from the posture as you enjoy the feelings and learn what your body is really capable of in that time and place. Most people see a year or even a month after their first class how much their bodies really change. The routine of the sequence allows you to learn from previous tries so your body can improve.

Don’t worry about perfection because in yoga, there is no such thing. Learn from the alignment of your body and seeing your postures improve as your indication that something good is happening to you and trust the process.

The only way anybody improved from doing Bikram yoga is that they continued to practice and never gave up. Anyone who is good at doing anything has dedication. So don’t be scared of Bikram yoga. Think of it as a way to challenge your “response” to a situation rather then having a “reaction” to it.

Stay focused, take a break if you need to but know that the best part is coming when you complete a class one day and you don’t even know where the time went.

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