For people who frequently go to the outdoors, they would have learnt the importance of using sun block. Sun block is practically a sort of chemical that creates a barrier to protect a person’s skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With that known, what is biodegradable sun block then? Biodegradable sun block would be the type of sun block that biodegrades, or rather, dissolves in water or earth, naturally. And because it is biodegradable, there is no harmful residue that results from the sun block coming in contact with the surrounding.

So how is biodegradable sun block special at all? It is found that with mainstream sun block, the chemicals used to make it can be damaging to the environment, beginning with the deterioration of the coral reefs. Ecologists have found that the chemical in sun blocks actually has a bleaching effect on the beautiful coral reefs, which is an important part in the ecology. The coral reef that takes decades to form will corrode and be killed off very quickly with the bleaching chemical, which also results in other tiny organisms in the ocean affected. What is biodegradable sun block made out of, on the other hand, is organic chemicals. This means that when the chemical dissolves into the water, the chemical does not cause or only has a minimal effect to the surroundings. Biodegradable sun block is often synonymously referred to as organic sun block, and should contain the ingredient zinc oxide, or minerals that are somewhat similar like titanium oxide. The ingredient would simply collect like deposits on the ocean bed, and then naturally mixes with the sand. In the organic sun block, there will also be other natural, non-chemical ingredients like plant oils, butter, and natural waxes. There is also a possibility that synthetically produced natural ingredients like shea butter could be used.

Apart from keeping the environment safe, biodegradable sun block is also safer for human use. For the chemicals to harm the aquatic world so easily, it is only a matter of time where it affects the humans too. In fact, researchers have found that mainstream sun block that is filled with these chemicals do affect the human skin as well, and as you play in the sea where other people wearing mainstream sun block, you can easily ingest the chemicals little by little. Hence, you should make a wise decision by using biodegradable sun block instead. They may be pricier, but they save millions of lives, aquatic and non-aquatic, over time.

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