Boost your e-commerce sales by promoting products on Instagram

For e-commerce owner, Instagram has opened up a whole new market for getting new clients and boosting sales. The popularity of Instagram as a social media application has ensured that people use the app for business ventures more judiciously. With more than 400 million active users on Instagram, the world is now in the palm of your hands. Instagram can be used by business owners to get an insight of their customer base, and this will allow them to make wiser choices regarding the marketing techniques they want to employ. In this article, you will learn about some essential insights which you can get from Instagram to boost your business sales on your e-commerce website.

Notice popular trends

From the posts you upload, you will be able to find out and analyze a lot of data regarding the popularity of your products. You will probably have a bunch of products to sell in your inventory, and not all products will get the same reception from the audience. Some products will just be more popular than others. With Instagram you can see which products generate more reactions from your audience, which products get most comments and likes, this will help you to realize which products are readily accepted by your audience and you can then design strategies to sell more of these products by offering special discounts or special prices, etc. Overall your sales output will increase from this little data analysis.

Read your audience’s demography

By analyzing the demographic of your followers, you can also devise effective marketing strategies and special promotional methods. Instagram will allow checking which age group, gender, and people from which location mostly like your posts regarding specific products. This will allow formulating specialized marketing campaigns directed at that audience. So if women from the age group 18-25 like a particular cosmetic item, you could design special strategies to e-commerce more of your products to this demography. You can create customized promotional packages and also discounts for these products when people from this demography buy your products. Your central goal here should be to make your products appear appealing to your core audience who make up this demography.

Reading the comments and understanding audience’s reactions

Often, the large audiences may not like every aspect of a product or may dislike it altogether. You can always use the comments section to check why people did not like your product and made suitable adjustments if possible. This helps to show that you care about your customer’s opinions and that you value them.

Notice the time

Your goal is to spread awareness of your products. Daily upload at least 4 posts. You need to check many what time you get the most audience reactions to your posts. This will be your optimum marketing time when you need to upload the best photos of your most popular products so that more and more people can get to learn about them. It will help in making more people learning about your products as when your followers like your posts, this information gets shown on their Instagram feeds as well and on the feeds of their followers also. Thus it enables other people to find out about your posts. So, timing is the key factor!

Notice popular hashtags

When you upload posts of your products, you will be required to put up hashtags as captions with the posts. Hashtags serve to make your posts more easily locatable by Instagram users. By checking which hashtags get the most audience reactions, you will know what the popular hashtags in your industry are and then use them more often on your posts. This will also make more people notice your ecommerce products and boost your sales. Buy Instagram followers and likes from to get more sales on your e-commerce website.


Instagram’s popularity has soared over the years which means that now more and more business owners are looking to employ the little app for their marketing purposes. You can post pictures of your products on Instagram and let people discover your products organically and naturally. By checking which posts get most likes and most comments you can find out which products are most popular with your audience and then stock up on them more and market them more aggressively. There are similar other insights like the demography of your audience and budget levels of your target audience which you can get from Instagram. Thus you can consider using Instagram for your business ventures.


Author bio: William Daniel is an experienced marketing strategist who has devised successful marketing campaigns for a lot of famous brands over the years. He has also written various articles for a lot of websites and blogs about using various social media platforms for boosting their sales. William recommends you to buy Instagram followers and likes online to get more sales.

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