BOTOX® vs. a Brow Lift—What’s the Difference?

The eyes are very expressive and draw a lot of attention, making them one of the first features people notice about each other. Unfortunately, that means signs of aging around the eyes can get particular attention, especially if they make someone look constantly tired, angry, or confused. Depending on the nature of the problem, there are multiple solutions—primarily surgical, as with a brow lift, and nonsurgical, as with BOTOX®. Albany, NY, based plastic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams, who founded both the Williams Rejuva Center for minimally invasive and noninvasive cosmetic treatments and Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists, is ideally suited to help men and women who are comparing and contrasting their options.

Patients trying to decide between either BOTOX® Cosmetic or a brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) are typically those who have grown tired of having a “heavy” brow that droops. This is a look that can develop over time as muscles grow lax, skin loses it elasticity, and subcutaneous fat shifts due to gravity and changing skin chemistry.

First, he explains to his patients that one of the main differences between the two options is duration. BOTOX® is considered to be a temporary solution, with effects that last for months at a time. A brow lift involves elevating tissues and moving muscles to new positions and suturing them into place, which has much longer-lasting ramifications. The face will continue to age, but it does so with the forehead at a starting point that has figuratively been moved back numerous years.

There are other differences, too.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected by needle into muscles that control the skin and are used in making facial expressions. Cosmetic nurse specialists typically handle the injections. The treatment requires no sutures or incisions, so down time for recuperation after a session is virtually nonexistent. Patients can go back to whatever activities were penciled into their daily schedule, with no need for recovery. There will likely be some slight bruising and swelling at the injection sites, but it will be minor and will resolve quickly on its own.

A brow lift, on the other hand, does involve the creation of incisions to give the plastic surgeon access to the necessary tissues and internal structures. Of course, incisions require sutures for closure, and these areas must be given time to heal. The initial post-procedural bruising and swelling will be a bit more significant.

Given that a brow lift is surgery and BOTOX® is an injectable cosmetic, the cost of each solution is different. A surgical lift will be more expensive—but, again, only one brow lift is required to get result that should provide benefits for years under ideal conditions. Since the muscle-relaxing effects of BOTOX® last for months at a time, patients who are happy with their look and want to preserve it must schedule routine treatment sessions.

Finally, a brow lift is a singular surgery with a specific focus: It lifts the brow. BOTOX®, on the other hand, has a wide range of other applications, including smoothing frown lines and crow’s feet, reducing excessive sweating, preventing the corners of the mouth from resting in a downward curve, softening wrinkles around the mouth, and more.

Determining which treatment will be best for which patient comes down to multiple factors, with skin laxity, desired result, age, personal preference, and other elements taken into account. While a patient may have an idea of a specific treatment or procedure to address a cosmetic concern—whether it’s BOTOX® or a brow lift—people are encouraged to arrange a consultation so a medical professional can make an assessment, ask questions and provide answers, and develop a potential plan of action. No two people are alike, so a brow lift may be the solution of choice for one patient, while BOTOX® Cosmetic makes the most sense for another.

Find out more about the unique advantages offered by BOTOX® Cosmetic and brow lift surgery by contacting Williams Rejuva Center or Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists, with offices in Albany and Manhattan. Call 1-800-742-2797 or send a message online.

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