Many teachers today will tell you that with the proliferation of social media and the amount of time children spend interacting with instant gratification technological entertainment, it can be a little bit difficult to maintain their attention and energy levels in the classroom. Bringing children back into a space of focus, calm and interest is important for their academic success. Yoga in the classroom is a tool used by many teachers to help achieve just that. There are a number of ways to bring yoga poses for kids into the classroom. For example, you might choose to fit three five-minute breaks into each day for yoga that can focus on getting kids back where they need to be. Whether it is through calming visualization, active poses to wake them up, or balancing poses to center them. Another option is to incorporate a longer yoga practice, either teacher led or with a yoga video that can be worked through on a regular basis, perhaps once a week.

When it comes to kids, yoga poses are such a healthful way of learning their bodies that the benefits simply go on and on way past just exercise. There are obviously the physical benefits to look at including improved strength, flexibility, balance, nerve and organ function, etc. Then there are the benefits of improved concentration, increased self-confidence, and stress-relief skills. Yoga teaches children that through concentration and effort, they can reach their goals. Learning balancing poses, for example, will teach them that in order to be balanced one must quiet the mind and allow for stillness both physically and mentally. And it is effective because they learn this through the experience they have, instead of in theory. Because everyone will learn at their own pace and have their own individual experience, yoga can also help children to cease competitive behavior in the classroom. As they learn more about themselves through the experience, they will increase their ability to relate to others.

Of course, one of the most important benefits of yoga in the classroom is that it helps create a suitable state of mind for learning. Learning readiness and enthusiasm are required if a child is to achieve his or her potential in the classroom. By stimulating mental function and helping the body to relieve excess tension, yoga poses for kids can help teachers create their ideal teaching environment. One where each mind in the classroom is available to be engaged to learn. Parents may also appreciate these techniques being learned as they transfer well to home-life as well.

When it comes to children in the classroom, teachers have a new resource, Dancing Feet Yoga Center can provide yoga poses for kids that can help to bring them into the best frame of mind to learn. Teachers that bring kids yoga poses into the classroom can not only help to calm down those that can’t pay attention, but it can also re-energize those that are having trouble staying awake at the same time.

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