Bikram Yoga has become popular among the world and numerous people are taking these courses to aid their wellbeing, health, and fat burning goals. The heated area, distinct positions, and controlled breathing boosts the metabolic rate in your body as well as the rate by which we lose weight.

If you’ve taken the course before inside the 105 degree F area, you’ll know how the intensive exercise causes you to sweat more than most sporting activities individuals participate in. Among the most frequent health inquiries inquired is with regards to the number of calories expended in a single session.

Bikram Yoga Calories

Lots of people question whether or not you lose a lot more calories from just one Bikram yoga session than from running or some other cardiovascular activity. I don’t know the precise answer, but I can honestly declare that I sweat about 1-2 lbs of water weight just after every session! If this won’t lead to burning many hundreds of calories, then I have no idea what does.

The precise quantity of calories expended may vary from person to person, depending on weight, sex, age, temp distinctions, degree of effort, and a lot of other factors. However, we can roughly estimate that this approximation can be between 600 to 1,300 calories, according to Hot Yoga Doctor and QuickFit Yoga. Under is a sample explanation of the number of calories are burned off by weight throughout a 90 minute session:

180 pound – 1,200 calories

150 pound – 1,000 calories

100 pound – 650 calories

While it is great to track the number of calories you lose from Bikram yoga for weight reduction, it should not become your primary focus for losing weight. Many other important factors are involved when trying to attain weight-loss, especially diet regime. The true secret to weight-loss is burning off more calories versus the amount of calories consumed. Simply because you lose around a thousand calories per session doesn’t imply that you can just go and buy a good hot fudge sundae! A healthy schedule ought to be started for maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, such as going to yoga classes.

Finally, if you wish to drop some weight and get healthier, don’t be concerned about calorie counting! Just focus on improving your yoga practice and everything else will fit into place.

For those who have not tried Bikram yoga because you’re afraid or another excuse, really do not wait around any more and give it an attempt. You’ll feel so different after the first class and I promise you’ll burn more calories than if you decided to just sit around in the home.

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